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My Week: Technology

15th May 2018
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Hello folks. We are nearly halfway into 2018. Can you believe it? I am too busy to assess the first half of the year. All I can say is time is flying. 

Tax Inspection

We had our first meeting with the tax inspectors on a client's investigation on VAT, Corporation Tax, and income tax. 

Prior to the meeting, I had emailed them the information they had requested. They did not have a chance to review the information. 

Most of the questions in the meeting, I have no doubt, they already knew the answers. 

The meeting lasted about an hour. They will get back to us with further information requests. 

Tax inspections for me are a major set back since they steal my time from far more valuable work. Unfortunately, they go with the territory, I have to get them out of the way ASAP. 

EDIT: It was the first meeting on an inspection on another client. Not the same client I mentioned in my previous blogs. I have had the bad luck of two inspections back to back. 

Artifical Intelligence

It is surprising how far technology has gone with AI. Please watch this video to see what I mean:

Can you imagine, your AI assistant calling HMRC? HMRC assistant, answering the call? It will HAPPEN. 


I treated myself to a new 27" iMac. It will be delivered by the end of the week. It will be used at home. I will assess over a period, whether, iMacs can be used in the office. If so, Windows PCs will be replaced with iMacs. 

The why is simply because Windows is not my choice. I do not like working with it. My experience with Apple products has been positive to date.  I have 12.9 iPad Pro + Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, and the iPhone X. In my opinion, great products. 

I tried Samsung products, watch, tablets, and the Note mobile phone.  I was NOT impressed. They lack style and functionality is time-consuming to work out. I also have a massive Samsung TV, a disappointment. I hardly sit down and watch TV now. 

And Finally

I am loving the sunshine. I am back on my bike now, commuting to the office. At this time of the year, car drivers appear to be a lot more patient and the sun brings out the good in otherwise selfish human beings - yours truly not excluded. 


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By mrme89
16th May 2018 13:58

There's something fundamentally wrong for you to spending so much time on inspections.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
18th May 2018 13:14

Yes I was struck by that. My thought was that if you have two full enquiries, then that's lightning striking twice. I don't want to make you paranoid FT, but has your practice been flagged up at HMRC, perhaps? Probably not but still ...

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By wilcoskip
18th May 2018 13:56

Macs are great. Back when software was on our desktops, linked to a server, a PC was unavoidable. Now most of the software I use is cloud-based, and we use a hosted desktop for the last few bits and pieces.
Yes, Macs are expensive, but I find they last far longer, and having a near-seamless link between my desktop, laptop, ipad and iphone is very helpful.
Over the top? Probably, but I like tech. It makes me happy.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
19th May 2018 15:59

FT that is a bad run of luck

Do these start as aspect enquiries ?

If they start off as full multi tax visits that is a worry

I have some good clients who make decent money but there businesses are not that complex if they weee to be looked at so would be easy to deal with without too much issue

I understood it took 20 odd days for you to that seems a huge amount of time. I thought you would have similar types of clients to me so surprised at how complex the enquiry must have got

What was the reason the tax insurance would not pay for your time ?

Macs are great my only gripes with my MacBook is that when using the cloud drive in o365 it is not as easy to save and access the files as in windows for that reason I kept my desktops as windows machines

Are you going to Accountex or the drinks this year as would be good to see you there

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Replying to Glennzy:
Steve Edwards
By stevo5678
20th May 2018 18:03

I access my onedrive files on my Mac just as easy as the PC’s in the office , don’t see any difference

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By FirstTab
21st May 2018 17:54


Thanks for the response.

I think it is just my bad luck to have two inspections back to back.

The first inspection was a review of VAT undertaken by Wealthy & Mid-Size Business Compliance team. It was for a high turnover client - turnover about £2m.

It started with VAT and moved to final accounts. In the end, it resulted in a clean conclusion.

The current inspection is by Taskforces and Specialist Compliance team. It is for smaller client. It is wider inspection covering all areas. It is my first one of this nature.

Glennzy, thanks for your comments. I will not be able to make it to Accountex this year due to work reasons. I look forward to reading your article after your visit.

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