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Please allow me to ramble on today folks. The way my week has gone. I feel like rambling.

Unless you have been in cryogenic sleep for the past few years, you will know how the www has had such an impact on our lives.

Whether it has made our lives easier, better and improved the quality of our lives is debatable. I am not sure where I stand on this. I also have mixed feelings about the extent it will continue to help my business. Just think about it, it can easily cripple my business.

My practice is built on my God (Google). After the first few months of launching practice, I have not been to a single networking event to bring in the punters. I am not saying this with pride. I think it is a shame that I have closed this avenue. I think my excess weight is stopping me from going to these events. At the same time, I may be using this as an excuse.

My God has allowed me to get away from putting on my glad rags with my overly generous stomach in and chest out.

Over the week, I had a good number of emails asking how much? It was obvious these emails were sent to more than a few accountants. I half-heartedly responded to them. At the same time, I said to myself, just go away! Nothing materialised from these emails. Which made me question my God – what the hell is happening? Is this the way it will be from now on?

Yes, I have heard about niche (yawn) but there is no way just one accountant would be serving a niche market. Fair enough, this issue will not be as worse but still it will be there.

So here I (we) am, where my God will continue to get stronger. How can I make HIM work in my favour? I am not sure. TBH I do not want to think about it for the moment. Life as you know folks does NOT offer neatly laid down answers. It is one messy so and so.

My content

I know my blogs are far from being best seller writing material. They are my blogs and they are about my life.

I want to use my material in any way I see fit. I may not even use the material. I still want to have that option. I do not want any restriction on the use of my content.

After a few exchange of emails with Sift, I am restricted in the way I can use my content. In other words, I cannot copy and paste my content elsewhere. Sift wants to protect its SEO. I understand their position in wanting to protect their asset.

It feels great blogging on AW. I love it. At the same time, I want the freedom as to how I use my content. This means from next week My Week blogs will be on my WordPress blog I am not saying I will completely stop blogging on AW. After a period of solitary confinement, I may be back here. 


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26th Feb 2016 19:31

A bizarre stance by Sift. Or so it seems. 


There's a lot of shite[***] posted in the blog section of this website. Mainly badly disguised adverts that will be published on many other websites. 

I'm not your biggest fan, but on the face of it, it seems quite unfair to restrict you in this way.

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26th Feb 2016 21:25


I quite agree with cheekychappy.  I can't believe for a second that much of this stuff isn't repeated ad nauseum elsewhere.

I quite understand your position and understand why you'd want to maintain control over your own material.


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27th Feb 2016 06:40

Image rights

Don't forget your image rights.

Every penny counts!

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28th Feb 2016 11:33

Site policy for years

It's been site policy for years that blog posts should not duplicate content elsewhere. It's right there in the community rules. If you want to maintain control over your own content, then you need to post only on sites that allow you to do that.

It's also hardly a bizarre policy on Sift's part. It's not about Sift's SEO, but about them not wanting people using AccountingWeb's profile to boost their own SEO. They are paying for the server space and bandwidth, and the SEO, to maintain that profile after all. Why should other sites (with duplicated content) benefit from that for nothing?

I agree that there are other blog posts that look like duplicated content. Personally I report these every time I see them. Perhaps rather than complaining about a transparent and reasonable policy others should do the same.


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28th Feb 2016 21:16

Community Rules
Contain rules for every possible event and are applied inconsistently and are bent, ignored or applied as Sift see fit.

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29th Feb 2016 08:53

But still the rules

I agree that Sift should apply the rules consistently. They are a business, and rely on traffic to keep them going. Traffic that may leave if they get tired of inconsistency in the rules. That isn't the same as saying that any lack of consistency means people should feel free to ignore them.

When you use someone else's website to make your content available, you agree to all the conditions of them making that facility available. In this case you "pay" for the facility by giving up your right to post the same elsewhere.

If you want absolute control over your own content, you either use sites that allow that or pay the costs of setting up your own.

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