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Studies: Revision Phase

10th Apr 2018
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Hello folks. It feels different not to draft My Week. Also, I think I have got out of the habit of blogging already.

I am in the revision phase of my first CIOT exam. TBH, I do not even understand the past exam questions let alone answer them. They are like solving a puzzle, before applying your tax knowledge.

As I have mentioned in My Week blogs I will be sitting Taxation of Individuals Advisory paper.

I thought, at my age, I would not care about exams. Like you, no doubt, I have sat through many of them. I do care. I want to get through. It is not looking positive.

Revision Course

I will be attending Tolley’s 4-day revision course. I hope that helps. Hell, if not I will resit.

Impact on Practice

Studying has had an adverse impact on FT Practice Ltd. My mind is on acquiring tax knowledge. It is best for the long term.

Ta ta for now.

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By TheLambtonWorm
11th Apr 2018 12:55

Once you've done the course, you'll forget most of the finer points quite quickly anyway.

In a small practice you'll only come across half the stuff once in a blue moon anyway, as your time is spent doing such a wide variety of stuff.

The important thing to take away (imo) is an understanding of the general issues, so that you can spot them when they do arise, and know where to look to get the answers.

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By Chipette
28th Apr 2018 11:50

Good luck for next week FT!

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Replying to Chipette:
By FirstTab
28th Apr 2018 21:02

Hello Chipette

Thanks. Tough going.

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