Valentine’s Day

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Walk into any supermarket or a department store today and what really hits you are those damn love hearts. They are right in your face. As if they are telling you if you are single you are not normal. Normal people buy those hearts for someone.

I just do not like V day and particularly the period leading up to it. It really is a day for women. When I was an employee I saw women with all smiles upon receiving flowers from their admirers and/or their loved ones. On the tube I saw women clutching their bunch of flowers again with all smiles. Walk by restaurants on the evening of 14th and you will see through the windows close tables with couples having a candle lit dinner at an exuberant price.

Of course men get presents as well. It is just not the same. I remember reading in the Sunday Times a few years back that men spend three times as much buying V Day presents than woman do. This hammers my point that it  really is a day for women.

What does a single middle aged guy do on V day and the period leading up to the day? Ignore all this? That is not easy when they are reminders everywhere about that day. Send a card someone he fancies? Is that more for young people? I wonder what I will think of V day and the period leading up to it, when I am old. It will probably not bother me since I will be worrying about my hip replacement or some old age related disease.

I think the best thing to do is just to accept V Day is as part of the mad world we live in. The reality, I have no doubt, is so different to the Disney version of the V Day.

I have given flowers and cards in my previous relationships. To be honest it was only because it was expected of me. Not giving anything on the day would have been a living hell. Plus sex or lack of it would have been used to communicate anger with me. That is the last thing I wanted!

This year will not be hugely different to last year. I will try and ignore the heavy marketing and not peer through the restaurant windows on the day. As yet I have not built up the courage to try and book a table for one on the 14th. 


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01st Feb 2013 19:50

It's just another day

My wife understands me and doesn't expect anything. I don't get anything from her either. I might get her a box of chocolates so she can give me half of them.

We don't feel the need to go to a restaurant on the 14th. We go when either of us fancies it. We went to a restaurant last Sunday and it was packed. Then we realised it was Sunday. We usually go during the week in the afternoon.


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to John1965
07th Mar 2014 09:11

My wife also understood me. But she have except that I always surprise her with luxurious flowers. 14th Feb, we both are going beautiful place and spend more time with each other.

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By Lilac1
02nd Feb 2013 07:50

I admit,
I like getting flowers and presents and going out for a meal but not necessarily on valentines day as the cost of flowers and restaurant is extortionate and I'd rather do all that another day. I do like to get a card though with a nice poem or words in it.

When I was single, a lot of my friends were so it never really bothered me that much. It was just another day which would pass and everything would be back to normal and you wouldn't have to deal with the dying flowers over the next week!

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By Flash Gordon
02nd Feb 2013 09:28

Worse when you're young

And your mum decides that she'll get you a card so you have something to open - you then have the double whammy of having no-one at school fancy you AND having to go through the whole nauseating charade of 'oh I wonder who it's from?!' despite both you and your parents knowing that yes you did recognise your mother's writing!

So glad those days are long gone!

I have bought my cat a bunch of daffodills this week! 99p a bunch (I splashed out and got two bunches!) and you get a big mass of yellow when you walk in the kitchen. He likes to sit on the windowsill and sniff them, I get the brightness, everyones a winner :) Obviously it would be nice if he'd get me a card on the 14th but I'll settle for him not announcing he's hungry in the early hours when 'm trying to sleep.

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02nd Feb 2013 11:08

When I was still at school

I realised somebody was trying to push a card through our letter box. We had a large translucent window and she ran off when I came to get the card still jammed in the letter box. When I realised what it was I rushed outside but she'd made good her escape. I never did find out who it was.

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03rd Feb 2013 20:19

This made me laugh

Here is an extract from one of the shopping websites.

"While there are many people who celebrate this day with happiness and joy. For singles without a life partner or a special person, it can be pretty lonely. You may end up watching mundane and boring television by yourself while others are celebrating and having fun."


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05th Feb 2013 17:48

get a grip

give yourself a good shake, really booking a table for one on 14th  is like standing naked in the middle of the street screaming. stay at home and try and cook yourself something different and challenging 

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05th Feb 2013 20:15


You completely failed to get my GSOH. I would never book a table for one on the 14th or any other day.

I would order a takeout and eat at home if I was on my own.

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05th Feb 2013 20:21

Or mine but cooking is theraputic. You are not alone there are other sad single old men out there MOI included

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05th Feb 2013 20:37

I am not old

and I do not think either one of us is sad. Single yes. That wont be for long. Even if is that's is not a huge deal. 

What is it me with me today? I  am just being too sensitive! 

Just saw an advert on this blog page for sympathy flowers! Now that is sad!


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06th Feb 2013 20:26

well I am
My sixtyth year beckons in weeks

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06th Feb 2013 20:31

That's not old
60 is not old. 75+ is old. You have a long way to be old.

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06th Feb 2013 22:57

oh god

dont tell i have another 15 years of A Web to add to my worries :-)

i look lovely on the outside its just the bits that dont show that are the problem

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By Old Greying Accountant
07th Feb 2013 14:31

Table for one on Valentines day?

Book a table for 4 and turn up with three hot Ladies..!

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to Accountant A
07th Feb 2013 21:06

Why not

Old Greying Accountant wrote:

Book a table for 4 and turn up with three hot Ladies..!

book a table for one and the three hot ladies can sit on your lap?

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07th Feb 2013 20:56

You sound like Joel Grey MC

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By Old Greying Accountant
07th Feb 2013 21:52

I know I need ...

... to lose weight Peter, but my lap is not that big!

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