Very low calorie diet - starts tomorrow

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One of my key objectives for 2013 is weight loss.

As some readers know I used to report on my weekly weigh-ins. I stopped this, in order not to bore readers. My weight loss progress was mixed up to the end of last month. This month it has been on the up.

I will start on a very low calorie diet tomorrow. It is Exante. It is lighter life without lighter life meetings. My GP has given me the go ahead with this.

I will not bore readers with weekly blogs on my weight loss. However, I may mention how the diet is affecting my work.

Because of the weight gain this month I have not been feeling too good about myself.

My plan is Exante for a month for a weight loss boost, then move on to Weight Watchers.

I will really miss my Mocha Light Frappuccino! Great on a Saturday with my ipad in Starbucks.

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18th Jun 2013 00:16


I know you cycle to work when possible and it's difficult to find time in your situation but you will enjoy things more with forcing yourself to do some extra exercise with whatever other ideas you use.

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18th Jun 2013 09:32

Do you have an iPad or smartphone FirstTab? I use a very simple, free app called 'Calorie Counter' or 'Nutracheck' - same thing but paid for - which keeps a track of what calories you take in during the day. 

I and certainly friends have found this really quite handy! Best of luck. 

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18th Jun 2013 10:28

Calorie Counter

Thanks Rachael. Calorie Counter looks very good. I have Iphone and Ipad. 

For a month (I hope!) I will be on Exante food packs - well soups, bars and shakes. I will not allowed to take anything else apart from 2 liters water a day. My total calorie intake from the packs will be 600 cals per day.   

I have ordered a Exante bumper pack - month's supply. 

When I come off this, I will use Calorie Counter. Damn my caveman body!

BTW you do not need Calorie Counter! 

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18th Jun 2013 10:52

I'm a runner, so we have to keep track of our calorie intake to make sure we're getting the correct amount for training! 

600 calories per day is not a lot - especially if you're exercising. Make sure to eat something to keep your blood sugar level up if you feel faint - it might also affect your concentration at work, especially if you're used to eating much more. 

Good luck!

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18th Jun 2013 13:18

Exercise is the thing for me.

I have tried diets to keep my weight down but they are very difficult to stick to.Having a sedentary job is a killer and weight gain is inevitable over time. I lost a stone once on weight watchers in 6 weeks, but it was longest 6 weeks of my life. I much prefer exercise when I can get it. I cycle as much as I can and I am very active on weekends. Although healthy enough I still would like to shed 2 stones. I would be keen to hear how your 600 calories diet works. Good Luck

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18th Jun 2013 14:30

Just a random thought, but I'm very interested the areas of fitness, diet and exercise. As you've said, accountancy is a sedentary job - do you think a discussion group based on these areas (sharing tips and advice) would be a good idea?

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By Rane
to garforth
16th Jun 2014 07:07

Diet and fitness Programe

Dear Rachael, I am a fitness trainer and a gym owner of a Ladies only Gym. Eden Fitness. I have a programe that covers all you need and has been very successful with my members.If you are interested let me know. [email protected]

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18th Jun 2013 14:36

My fitness pal
Like Rachael I use an app 'My fitness pal' to count calories. It's made me think about what I nibble on during the day - it was amazing how many calories I was taking in without realising!

600 calories a day is not much & if I don't take in a minimum of 1200 the app tells me that my body may go into starvation mode which lowers your metabolism & makes weight loss harder. However, I'm sure your diet people know what they are doing!

Good luck..

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By mm01
18th Jun 2013 14:50

Expect to be very low on energy and lethargic on that number of calories. Personally I think it borderlines on dangerous but I can guarantee you will have a bigger backlog of work when your on the diet than you do now as your concentration will be non existinent!

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18th Jun 2013 15:29


It is not yet the end of day 1, surprisingly I do not feel hungry yet and I cycled to work.  

Water is key I need to keep drinking it.

Glennzy   -  Thanks. Yes will blog on my progress. I just feel I have some control now, instead of heavy meals followed by regret!

Rachael - Thanks.  I think discussion group on fitness and health would be great - people sharing ideas and concerns on these areas. 

TickTock - Thanks. I really have had enough of being fat. It affects everything I do and how I feel. I really want to stick with this. Lets see how get on when I reach starving stage! The blurb say the first 3 days are tough. So far day one is okay. 

mm01 - Thanks. I will report how it is going. No doubt they will be bad days.    

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By Flash Gordon
18th Jun 2013 16:37

Plain talking time

I know my opinion won't be welcomed because it's not saying what a good idea this is but.... 

This is just another attempt at a quick fix. And it won't work (in my everso humble opinion). You're going to effectively starve yourself for a month. Okay some weight will come off at the start and that will keep you going an extra day or two. But then your body will go into starvation mode and think 'hang on, I'm not getting food, I'd better hang on to the fat just in case this continues' and so the weight loss slows / stops. You get depressed, fed up with being hungry and wanting to eat something proper, and then have a blow-out. All weight back on. You give up again. 

Even if you did manage by some miracle to keep it up for a month and lost some weight, the second you start your old eating habits again the weight will pile back on because you won't change those habits, which let's face it are why you're fat now. You wrote a blog post once where you listed out everything you'd eaten that day (and then took it down again shortly after which was interesting in itself) - you were eating a lot (too much), and what you ate was high in fat etc. You went round your mum's a lot and she cooked with high fat oil. And so on. 

You need to change what and how you eat long-term. And that, combined with the cycling, will lose you the weight gradually and it will stay off because you'll not be over-eating continually. The occasional trough-moment is fine if you balance it out. But if you're permanently troughing then all the starvation diets in the world won't help. Quick fixes rarely work in any aspect of life. If something is worth having then you have to put in the effort....


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18th Jun 2013 16:57


Thank you for your comments. 

Lets see how this goes. It is worth a try. Anyway  can't go back now since I have a month's worth of food packs. 


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18th Jun 2013 16:57

Have you ever seen a skinny pig?

Maybe you would if you saw a pig cycling everywhere.

This is a very serious point.

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18th Jun 2013 16:59

600 is not enough

Change your life style, and make sure you exclude faddy diets.

NB to those who know me. Yes I am vastly overweight but I have reduced my circumference by 4 inches in the last year and it continues to shrink slowly. I am driven by a need to fit inside my dry suit which does give an absolute inflexible limit.

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18th Jun 2013 17:10
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By Flash Gordon
18th Jun 2013 17:10

The only time

I think the only time when a crash diet (which is what this is) is ever worthwhile is when you've just a bit of weight to get rid of for a particular occasion - like getting married when you realise the dress / suit won't look quite as perfect as you want and you've a short window to lose it. But even then, unless you're getting married at short notice, you have enough time to do it properly. 

@ Peter, pigs would probably be walking on two trotters and ruling the world if they didn't eat so much :) 


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to davidwinch
18th Jun 2013 17:23

Pigs rule

Flash Gordon wrote:

@ Peter, pigs would probably be walking on two trotters and ruling the world if they didn't eat so much :) 

Now you are just being silly.

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to Accountant A
18th Jun 2013 18:17

do diets work?

I think FT you may be empirical evidence that they don't. Time to change the plan.

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By Locutus
18th Jun 2013 18:33

Sign up to a run and eat low GI foods
I must say, 600 calories per day sounds VERY low - particularly when the average male calorie intake is 2,500. If you are overweight then presumanly you've been used to eating more than 2,500. Has your doctor recommended that you go down that low?

I prefer to eat as much as I like, but exercise to burn it off. I sign up for a marathon or half marathon at least once a year and find the training towards that goal helps a huge amount. If that seems a bit far then sign up for a 5k or 10k. The goal of the race gives you a reason to train. Hiking is also another great way to burn some calories.

I would also recommend increasing low GI foods (brown bread, porridge, fruit, vegetables, etc.) as they make you feel fuller, without adding loads of calories and reduce or cut out completely high fat foods such as chocolate and cheese.

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18th Jun 2013 20:19

Not hungry yet

I am just leaving the office now, will be getting on my bike. 

I have not had my small pack of soup yet. Thankfully hunger has not kicked in yet. I have not missed real food. Well it is only the first day. Let see how it goes. 

I have taken this after discussing with my GP. He has asked me to see him after two weeks, then again after further two weeks. He has been very clear not to extend this beyond 4 weeks. After the 4 week period, he wants to go on real healthy foods that also enables be to continue with weight loss. 

Thank you for your helpful comments


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19th Jun 2013 00:29

Are you sure this is a good idea?

The reason I ask is simple - you already seem to struggle with energy levels.  Following this sort of plan will not improve that - in fact, it will make it worse.


Losing weight is a simple matter of willpower and mathematics.  In order to lose one pound of fat in a week, you need to be in a calorie deficit of 3,500 - which is 500 a day.  As the average woman needs 1,800 per day to maintain her current weight, she would need to reduce her daily intake to 1,300.  You can look up the values for your average bloke all over the web.


Any "diet" plan where you are eating considerably less than those sort of levels, while providing a quick fix in terms of weight loss, doesn't address the unhealthy food choices you're making.  Nor is the weight loss sustainable.  The minute you start eating normally again, you'll be putting weight back on.


I know it's easier said than done, but it is genuinely about making a decision and sticking to it.  I joined a slimming club two years ago, and during that time have lost 7 stones.  I'll be the first to admit, there have been times where I really, really didn't want to carry on (which usually those times coincided with walking past Greggs' window), but I just kept the reason why I was doing it in the front of my mind.  That combined with weekly support from the rest of the group kept me on the straight and narrow.


Good luck with it, whatever you decide.

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19th Jun 2013 02:08

Walk not cycle

Maybe it's not wise while you are on this new diet but I still think that after the month ends you should consider walking to work rather than cycling. You'll walk five miles each way each day. It will be more exercise than cycling. You should be able to force yourself to do it. You may like cycling but that's not the point. You like eating, too!

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By mrme89
19th Jun 2013 10:53


£110 (and that’s with the 50% discount) for a four week supply of cereal bars, cup-a-soups and milkshakes? You must be bonkers. 

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By Flash Gordon
19th Jun 2013 11:21

Ah but...

It looks so tasty.... Or at least one look at it and I've gone off the idea of eating! 28 days of that and I'd not just have lost weight but also the will to live. Sorry but I'll think I'll stick to willpower & moving around a bit more. It's worked for millions of people over the years so I figure it kind of counts as 'tried and tested'

One comment on their website under customer reviews makes me laugh - 'I think Exante is a great alternative if you are motivated and determined to do it yourself' - I'm sorry, but doing it yourself would be eating less (in proper food terms) and exercising more. This is about as much doing it yourself as getting a gastric band fitted....

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19th Jun 2013 11:44

Heath and fitness blog

Hi Rachael

A health and fitness blog for accountants would be great. This is instead of a discussion group. 

I was thinking this would cover all matters such as apps, diets (like my zany one!)  and exercise. Of course this would be from the perspective of  accountants life style - ie a desk job in the main.

Can you do this?  


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19th Jun 2013 12:04

A new Blog?

In what way would that be different from this one? Haven't all those things been discussed here?

Anyone can blog about it, whenever they want, and anyone can join in with this one, if they want.

A Discussion Group would be far more suitable, as it would keep the posts grouped together and make it easier for anyone who wants to 'catch up' on previous posts/threads, and any member of the group will be able to raise a new topic.

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By Flash Gordon
19th Jun 2013 12:09

Agree with Shirley

I agree with Shirley, a Discussion Group would make more sense otherwise you'd be constantly scrolling through all the blog posts to be finding something...

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19th Jun 2013 12:18

Featured blog

I prefer a featured blog on health and fitness. Participation would be a lot  higher.

Having said that I am okay with discussion group as well.  

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19th Jun 2013 12:28

You'll need a volunteer, FT!

Are you volunteering to do the blog (and the research), or do you expect someone else to do it for you?

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19th Jun 2013 12:31

Rachael said she has a real interest in this area - so I am asking her.

I am not the right person. 

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By Flash Gordon
19th Jun 2013 12:37


I thought Rachael was proposing a discussion group, not landing herself with another job!!

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19th Jun 2013 12:37

I guessed as much

You don't need permission to start a blog, so I wondered why you hadn't done it yourself (if you are so keen).

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19th Jun 2013 13:30

Just a suggestion

I was only suggesting and asking. I am not telling anyone to start a blog. I think it would be great  to have a blog on Heath and Fitness. It is such an important area.  

Reason I am not doing it is an area I just I am just not very good. It needs to someone with a real passion and knowledge on this subject.   

Anyone with a real interest on this area please start a blog on this subject. Please note I am only suggesting and asking.  



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By Flash Gordon
19th Jun 2013 15:43

Even easier & cheaper way to lose weight

Okay so I'm thinking it's mainly aimed at women but hey, if FT does't mind smelling a bit different then this diet pefume has got to be a winner! It might even be a new way of pulling women for him - he's standing in Starbucks and all of a sudden a woman says 'I like your perfume, where did you get it?' (and she walks out of Starbucks half a stone lighter than when she went in too!) Equally he might attract a fella in drag but that would be horizon-broadening too :)



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19th Jun 2013 16:25

Thanks for your insights everyone - I do think a discussion group would be a lot more effective, as anyone can post their thoughts, insights and ideas and not just the author. 

I'll also definitely post on this as this is an area I'm interested in - I'll have a chat with the editors and see if it's a suitable discussion group. If it is, I'll set one up tomorrow! 

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19th Jun 2013 17:27


Well at least a discussion group (maybe). 


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19th Jun 2013 19:42

Discussion group

I would have thought that a discussion group was the way to go.

Then Blogs would be left for the bloggers decide what to talk about.

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20th Jun 2013 11:28

We're going to set the group up within the next day or two. Watch this space! 

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By Jimess
20th Jun 2013 13:53

Drastic way to lose weight.....

Over lots of years I tried almost every diet under the sun and nothing worked. I just decided to eat sensibly and not deny myself the odd treat now and then and I was much happier.  Two months ago I fell ill with gall bladder disease and pancreatitis and have had to keep to a very strict low fat diet.  To date I have lost over two stones (no  - not gallstones) and it is still going down.  OK some of that was because I spent a couple of weeks unble to eat hardly anything, but the rest is down to sticking to the low fat regime. The trick is to not overdo the protein (I never did eat much red meat anyway), watch the carbs, keep off the processed food and alcohol and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.  I eat plenty now within the bounds of what I am able to eat, but I know that what I eat is good for my body.  I have never been a Skinny Minny and I am ok with that. I don't have any expectations of losing weight or any target weight - it is just happening but I do feel better for it.  I was so miserable during all those years of dieting and I came to the conclusion that it is not just about losing weight - it is about accepting yourself, your body type and shape and not looking for perfection.  I hope you find that acceptance.

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20th Jun 2013 14:22


Thanks. An honest and an open response.  

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20th Jun 2013 20:36

can talk the talk

so walk the walk

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21st Jun 2013 16:02

AccountingWEB now has its very first healthy eating and exercise discussion group

Feel free to join in and introduce yourself in our introductory post. 

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By Kallis4828
28th Sep 2013 17:02

Diet Plan
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