Wednesday Weighins on wiifit (2)

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I was dreading today's wiifit's weighin. I have stayed the same. Since last week - no gain/no loss

History so far:

Week 1 - I carried on cycling and made no changes to my life style at all - Result +1lb

Week 2 - Made a small change - cycle 3 days a week and no other change - Result +1lb

Week 3 - Did not cycle whole week, just ate whenever I felt like it (within reason). - Result minus 1lb

Week 4 - Did not cycle whole week. Tried to control my eating but did not work. Started to keep food diary only from Sunday. Result - no gain/no loss

Okay what have I learnt so far:

  1. Carryon with food diary- record everything. I record hunger level 1 - 5. I being to top hunger level. 5 being over full. Same with mood 1 being feeling very low to 5 being on top of the world. Of course I record eveything I eat as well
  2. When I am at hunger level 2 - I eat so much. Not to let my hunger level get to 2. Keep it at 3. Eat up to  hunger level  4 about right.
  3. Need to build in activity. I am really exhausted in the evenings. I need to force myself to do something active after work.
  4. Increase water intake. Many times my brain confuses thirst with hunger.
  5. Cut down on those portions.
  6. Determined to report a loss next week!

Overall I think I should have put on weight since I ate so much! Not sure if I should start cycling 8 miles a day again since I may end up eating more. Plus as commented in a previous blog, it is not the best form of activity for weight reduction.

I really want blogging to be a turning point now. My weight issues has been going on for years. I have had enough! I need to keep saying that to myself next time I decide to pick up a packet of Mcvities!

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06th Apr 2011 09:29

Don't weigh yourself - measure yourself

There is no point in weighing yourself if it becomes something you dread each week. It would be much better to record key measurements e.g. waist, thighs this is what other people can see not the number on the scales. Also need to be active every day and throughout the day if at all possible. Can you take a walk at lunchtimes? Get yourself a pedometer and see if you can get up to the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Reward yourself with non-food stuff, such as new trainers, Music or whatever but NOT biscuits!! Consider getting yourself a personal trainer as they can help you with motivation too...

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By SteveOH
06th Apr 2011 11:50

Muscle weighs more than fat

If you're doing more exercise then fat cells are being replaced by muscle cells - so you will weigh more initially.

As Helen said above; don't keep weighing yourself. As you get fitter and eat more healthily the weight will drop off. If it doesn't then you are doing something wrong and don't really want to lose weight. If you truely want to (rather than just feel sorry for yourself with the "woe is me" attitude) then you will lose it. Take control of your own life.

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06th Apr 2011 12:39

Weekly weighins

Thanks for your response Steve and Helen.

As much as I really appreciate your input and I hope this carries on, in the end I will do what for me feels will work.I agree with taking regular excerise.It is such a great day today so I cycled. My food intake so far is reasonable.

Weekly weighins I think would work better for me. It is way to keep track.

Steve taking control is what I am doing now. I do not  feel sorry for myself at all. Okay I love talking about myself and I do a lot of this! That's the beauty of a blog.  It is about me, me me. Reading other blogs I am not that different (apart from the frequency of my posts). Unless a blog promotes a particualr business coaching is a good example.

In the end I will not get everyone or (may be none!)  to like me or my blog. That's okay with me. All I can do is meet my own needs and hopefully a few will be interested. You cannot please all the people all the time as you know.


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By GaryMc
06th Apr 2011 13:26

Muscle v Fat myth

Just to correct you there Steve, muscle doesn't weigh any more than fat.  1lb of muscle is as heavy as 1 lb of fat.  It is just that fat is bulkier than muscle so you appear bigger while weighing the same.

Body composition is more important that actual weight.  Find some scales that look at body fat % and body water %.  These are better indicators of how well you are doing.

Try to replace as many of the 'treats' that are in the office/home with healthier option.  Chop up a load of fruit and keep a tub of it in the kitchen.  When you feel the urge to snack, reach for the fruit instead.

Try to cut down coffee and bread if you can to see if these make a difference - substitute the extra water for the coffee for example.

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By SteveOH
06th Apr 2011 13:57

Gary, please...

I know that a lb of fat weighs the same as a lb of muscle:) The point I was trying to make (and maybe I didn't express it very well) was that often people trying to lose weight will say that they are thinner but heavier; not realising that they may have swapped bulky fat tissue with less bulky but heavier muscle tissue.

First Tab - please don't take responses to your posts personally. It's got nothing to do with not liking you. I don't even know you. In fact I find the majority of your posts interesting and I have learnt a lot from your questions and the various responses.

I used to weigh 16stone and was constantly unhappy with my weight. Yet I still carried on eating takeaways; still went to the pub a few times a week quaffing pints of Guiness; didn't eat enough fruit and veg. I obviously didn't really want to change. I was happier to stay as I was, even though I was saying something different to myself. You could say that I wanted to have my cake and eat it. (Or McVities in your case:))

Good luck anyway - and keep the posts coming.

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06th Apr 2011 14:02


Thanks for your response GaryMc.

Till I read your response I did not think about having chopped  fruit ready. It is ideal for summer. I will do this.

You make a great point about bread. I do need to cut down on the carbs. I just started this today. I only had one slice of toast today for my breakfast than the usual 3 to 4.

I will need to think about replacing my consumption of carbs with something else.

A big thank you to gavwoods who recommended a great book (click link). I am half way through it. I have an audio book version. Anyone thinking about weight loss should get this book. It will change your thinking and challenge your existing understanding of why we get fat.

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06th Apr 2011 14:15


Thanks I feel better now!

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