Week 12 Self Weekly Weigh-in

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Another gain this week. This is not going well. 

I need to follow good advice given. I like Heather Townsend's (efficiency coach) pointers on portion control and eating half of what is on my plate, then taking a moment to pause asking  myself whether I am still hungry. 

During the week I tend to get into the day to day and put weight loss at the back of my mind. Come Saturday evening, I think weigh-in tomorrow!

Cycling went down dramatically. This is due to the weather in the main. 

Resistance training is very important as well. I need to do this. When I drive to work, it is difficult to stop for the gym because parking is an issue. 

Without this blog I would not have weighed-in today. This would have meant I would be in denial. It is important that  I continue with weigh-in blogs. Hopefully I will learn and take action.  

I will stick to 17 November as my target achievement date! 

Weight Loss Data:

This week’s result:                                      Put on 1 lbs

Total Weight loss to date:                           12 lbs

This week’s Weight:                                    12 stones and 13 lbs

Cycled to work:                                            24 miles ( 3 days x 8 miles per day)

Resistance training:                                    0 times this week

Target Weight:                                             10 stones (My height is 5' 5") 

BMI this week:                                              32.07 (Target 29.34)

Target Date to Reach Ideal Weight :          Sunday 17 November 2013


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By Old Greying Accountant
17th Feb 2013 21:57

Sorry my friend ...

.. I wondered where my 1lb went.

I managed to loose one this week, despite scoffing choccies with the wife on Thursday, I think the fact I was working in the garden yesterday helped - I found a big concrete slab under a flower bed and have been breaking it up with a sledge hammer and digging it out - I filled one and a half builders bags yesterday, cheaper than the gym and more productive! 



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17th Feb 2013 22:01

Well Done!
OGA for making progress. Please keep it up and posting how it goes.

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18th Feb 2013 11:18

Lacking in motivation

It is painfully obvious from the excuses you have made this week - bad weather & parking at the gym, that you are lacking in motivation.

You need to get involved with a group event that will give you the support and encouragement to really push yourself. Have you considered joining a cycling club? You might even meet a lady cyclist and kill two birds with one stone.

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By Flash Gordon
18th Feb 2013 16:11

Diet tip

If you want something to put you off your food FT can I recommend eating and reading AWeb at the same time - I've just read the nauseating exchange between Boycie & FawltyBasil and I really don't feel like another bite! (Mind you it is funny that someone will not only create a second account to agree with themself but agree in such a similar and OTT vomit-inducing manner!)

Will do wonders for your weight-loss though FT :)

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22nd Feb 2013 18:36

Have you thought about keeping a food diary?

Firstly, well done with keeping on blogging about your desire to lose weight - in the long term this will help. 

The path to long term weight loss never ran smoothly and is always a certain amount of ups and downs - but as long as the overall trend is down, then you will be fine. 

I'm glad my portion control suggestion helped you. May I make another suggestion?

Weight loss equates to doing two things exercise more and eat less. (Which you know) As you are doing a reasonable level of exercise, perhaps it is worth keeping a food diary for a week? This will help you do two things:

1) Keep the weight loss at the front of your mind during the week. As someone who is a coeliac,  and in the process of getting diagnosed had to keep a food diary for several months, writing everything that you eat down really does focus your mind on what you eat and when you eat it. 

2) See exactly how much you are eating and when. You may find that by analysing what you are eating you may spot some easy wins to reduce the calorie intake. 

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