Week 4 Self Weekly Weigh-in

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I am a little disappointed with a gain this week. I am thinking what changed this week compared to previous two weeks losses? I need to do the same things to keep the weight loss going.

My stress level really shooted up due to the fact I lost my keys whilst cycling to work. The lost key chain had all my keys – car, home (mine and mother’s), office and bike shed. The cost of replacing all the keys was £525. Have you tried replacing VW keys and calling a locksmith!

I thought less and given up on the person who I had hoped to share my life with. In previous two weeks this kept bugging me. Well it still bugs me but less so.

My food intake has stayed the same. I do not think I ate more or less compared to previous weeks.

I cycled 8 miles less this week due to the heavy rain yesterday. I did go to the gym once this week for resistance training.

I really do not want to be fat. It is holding me back in so many ways. This is one area in my life I need to sort out. I have had enough! To be honest it is more important to me than the success of my business.

So what is the plan of action for the Christmas week?

·         Maintain 48 miles of cycling (in Xmas week!)

·         Go to the gym twice (may be difficult due to holiday period)

·         Introduce evening walks to my regime

Next week’s result will be interesting. I really want to get the momentum of loss every week going.

Results over a week:

This week’s result– Gained 1 lb

Total Weight loss to date: 17 lbs

This week’s Weight:12 stones and 8 lbs

Cycled to work : 40 miles ( 5 days x 8 miles per day)

Resistance training: 1 time this week

Target Weight: 10 stones


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23rd Dec 2012 22:07

More bad luck

I hope this is it with my run of bad luck. 

I was waiting for a locksmith today  to open my bike shed. I had locked my bike outside my flat. The bike was stolen! 

I Just ordered another bike for £500. So  now I have a bike shed and no bike. My total loss is now £1025 over lost keys. Not happy! 

I hope tomorrow will be a better day. 

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By mrme89
24th Dec 2012 11:46



Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, I hope it passes swiftly!!


After reading your blogs I think you are focusing too much on the weight loss. As suggested before, I would sign myself up to a cycling event and work towards that, the weight loss will look after itself. Swimming is also a great fat burner, how about trying to aim to do X amount of lengths by X amount of time?


You’ve also mentioned walking – have you thought about by ankle / wrist weights? This will help shift the weight shift more quickly. I used to use these for running (as well as a bag filled with weights), afterwards you feel great because you are carrying less weight.


Have a nice Christmas and I hope the new year brings you some luck!



Kind Regards


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