Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 15

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It was another dreaded weigh-in today. I was convinced I had put on weight. I am pleased with the result – another small loss leading to my second Silver Seven making my total weight loss a full stone.

It is slow going but I am making gradual progress. I have 39lbs left to lose now. If I go with half a pound loss per week, this will take me 78 weeks to get to my target weight. This is too long! If I go for pound a week, then this would be 39 weeks. I think pound a week is a realistic target. On reflection, this is the sort of analysis I need to stop my evening binges. My target now is one pound a week loss. I will try.

After a long time I stayed for WW meeting. It was good to see we are all in the same boat at different stages of our weight loss journey. There was a woman there who lost 40lbs in a year. I just could not imagine her fat. She was feeling down because she had put on 2 lbs. She overlooked the positive of losing 40lbs! She left feeling motivated.

I think some change in my mind has taken place. This change will stop the binging. Let’s see how next week goes to see how right I am.

This week’s result – Loss 0.5lb (half a pound)

Total Weight loss to date: 14lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 11lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 2 stones 11lbs

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By Old Greying Accountant
23rd Feb 2012 23:08

You will find ...

... the losses will increase the more you loose.

Also, I feel steady is good, so what if it takes a year and a half, you are more likely to keep it off than if you loose too much too quick.

A slow steady loss gives your body time to adjust, and means your skin can

shrink with you.

Keep up the good work



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24th Feb 2012 08:38

Well done!

Many congratulations on your first stone!  Keep up the good work.


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