Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 21

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I am so relieved that I have not put on weight and completely surprised with a small loss.

All week I have been over eating mum’s food. I have found out that she has been feeling lonely so I went to visit her every day this week. I had my dinners with her. To my surprise we have got close as a result of my visits and our chats. There is a cheeky side to her that I have recently discovered.

I will carry on seeing her in the evenings and have my dinner with her but as Helen in the previous blog post commented I need to reduce my portion size.

From little I have seen UK is not the place where family takes care for the elderly. There is a good reason for it, the work life and commitments just does not make it possible. I wish I could say I do not fit the UK statistic on this point.

My apologies for digressing, just wanted to get it off my chest.

I am pleased with this week result, at the same time I need to get back on track and start losing 1lb a week. I so want to get to my target weight soon. This is dragging on but at the same time I am learning about myself.

This week’s result – Loss 0.5 (half a pound)

Total Weight loss to date:  23.5lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 1.5lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 29.5lbs


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By Old Greying Accountant
07th Apr 2012 00:24

Enjoy your mother ...

... you won't get a chance when she's gone but you will feel guilty if you don't find the time.

I agree with you on UK lifestyles, I think there would be far less problems socially if we embraced an extended family culture and thought more about the things that matter like family and friendship and helping people, rather than chasing money all the time - the inevitable result with that is the more you have - the more you spend - the more you need. Far better to be happy with your lot and concentrate on the spiritual side of life rather than the material.

Well done with the weight though - as you get further along the sensible diet, more exercise route you will find the odd transgression has less effect as the general trend of your body weight is now down, not static or up, this is good, this means you have tipped the balance, well done again.

Just to encourage you more, after starting following this blog earlier this year you inspired me, and although I didn't join WW or anything, I made some subtle changes to my routine, most importantly I ceased buying biscuits and sweets for the office, replacing them initially with apples, but now nothing. I also started walking down the bank rather than driving when possible I have just this week lost my first stone, so thank you for the inspiration. I could do with another couple of stone less like you, so when we get there we'll have to meet up for a celebratory skinny latte before we take our outsize clothes down to the charity shop!


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07th Apr 2012 10:28

Well done!

Hi OGA, wow! I am so pleased that through this blog you have been inspired. It would be good to meet up after our weight loss.

Well done for losing a stone (!) after making some changes to your lifestyle. Please stick with this. 

I agree with you it is best I enjoy my time with my mother. It came as a shock to me that she was feeling lonely. I am so wrapped in my own world that it did not even occur to me.

As you say UK culture is such that family does not look after the elderly, I am from an  Indian background and I have absorbed myself on both the good and bad aspects of the UK culture. Extended family is one aspect of the Indian culture that I like. I think I will take this aspect on board. 

Let us both keep up with our weight loss and look forward to sharing a skinny latte.





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