Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 24

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 I am not too disappointed with a gain this week. The main reason for this gain is that I missed out on three days of cycling to the office as a result of the weather. My intake remained the same.

This week I was comparing my time on Lighter Life (starvation diet)  with Weight Watchers. I was on LL from Feb 2010 to May 2010. It was a quick weight loss. I was starving all the time. I missed food so much. Once I came off LL, the weight just piled on. These fast weight loss diets do not work for the long term.

With Weight Watchers it is a gradual weight loss and I do not feel hungry. I stopped counting points in my third week with Weight Watchers. I just follow overall guidance. I want to make sure that after Weight Watchers, I maintain my weight without any point counting.

I hope the weather improves so that I can cycle to the office every day.

This week’s result– Gained 1lbs (one pounds)

Total Weight loss to date: 26lbs

This week’s Weight:11 stones 13lbs

Target Weight:10 stones

Weight left to lose now:26lbs


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27th Apr 2012 18:09


The most effective way to lose weight is exercise. When I was in my thirties I would do a lot of exercise and ate anything I wanted and I was very slim.

As I've concentrated on my own business, like you, I have adopted a sedentary lifestyle and the pounds have piled on.

As well as some exercise we need to solve the problem with diet. Last week I decided to go on a diet. I wish I had weighed myself when I made the decision. I am not going to go to Weight Watchers. I think the best way is to use will power. I have only been eating healthy food. I don't change my diet for anything. I used to go to Sainsbury's and - although they do have some healthy food - I have started to shop at Waitrose. Waitrose has much more healthy food combined with it looking enticing.

I weighed myself late last year and since then I have lost 12 kgs. My wife says I should try to only lose 0.5 kg a week but I'd like to aim for 1 kg a week.



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By Old Greying Accountant
27th Apr 2012 23:10

Peter, you surprise me ...

... I had you down as a pounds and ounces sort of guy - :o)

I'm wit you though, 2lb a week is a good target, and 2 stone since Christmas is impressive.When it comes to weight, you loose it quicker in pounds, when driving you get there quicker in kilometers - rofl

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27th Apr 2012 23:16


It's the influence of my wife - she's from Poland.

If I mention pounds and ounces she doesn't have a clue.

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By Old Greying Accountant
27th Apr 2012 23:20


... say no more, say no more... lol


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27th Apr 2012 23:27

I'm not that precise

I think we should be talking about stones and pounds not pounds and ounces.

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By Old Greying Accountant
27th Apr 2012 23:29

Good point ...

... well made

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