Weight Watchers weigh-in Weeks 28 to 34

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It has been a long time since my last blog posting on my weight loss journey. It is not that I was embarrassed in any sense about my lack of recent progress. I just was not in the right frame of mind for Accounting Web posting.

The point about my blog as many know is to reflect how it is – the good, the bad and the damn right ugly. Looking at my lack of progress it has been ugly over the past few weeks. Only a pound weight loss in 6 weeks -as shown in the table below.

Week   Weight loss/gain
29 Gained one pound
30 Loss 4.5 lbs (four and a half pounds)
31 Loss I pound
32 Gained half a pound
33 Gained 2 pounds
34 Gained 1 pound
Net result Loss of one pound only!

I have a good excuse for the lack of progress – I have not been in a good mental state. It will take time to recover,

I have realised over the past few weeks that  the lack of control on myself makes me feel worse so I need to gain back control and try and get back on weight loss track again. Gaining weight will make me feel terrible.

This week has been made terrible food wise so I am expecting another gain. I will aim for weight loss effective from today!

Thank you so much Tim Robinson and David Winch for your PM. It meant a lot.

Weeks 28 to 34 result– Loss 1 pound

Total Weight loss to date: 24lbs

This week’s Weight:12stones and 1 lbs

Target Weight:10 stones


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11th Jul 2012 22:18

On the first of May 2012, I weighed 102.9 Kg's

So from 102.9, I am now 93.8 in 70 days (I think it's 70) 

My target is 80 kg's which would put me right back to where I was aged 22 when I graduated some 23 years ago. 

To achieve this I am weighing myself DAILY, at 6 am and if I've not lost 0.15 Kg's, I reflect on the amount of exercise and the amount of food (and reflect on my estimate of it's calories) and decide if my behaviour is the cause or it's just a random blip, caused by nothing in particular. 

I've taken to cycling to work 3 days a week, climbing one night a week, and at the weekends running rather than walking the dog on the beach. 

If you lack control, you need this level of anality (is that a word?).  You have to become slightly obsessed by the target, and start to really face the facts about what you consume.

I'll give you an example.  I work in an office with 100 plus engineers, and purchasing people, with a 'rule' that if someone has a birthday, or goes holiday, or goes away on business, they bring in treats, and then there's the Unfinished Buffet lunches, from meetings with external suppliers and customers.  When I previously tried to loose weight, I found this 'feast' too tempting, and I estimate that per day I was actually consuming 1000 calories extra.  A Sweet here, a slice of cake, deep fried samosas, pork pies, extra sandwhiches. 

But I see it now and I'm disgusted with my previous self. 

Christmas is my current estimate. 


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