You are what you wear?

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All this week I was turning up at work in my jogging bottoms, T shirt and trainers- not a good look! With my 10 lbs weight gain my smart work wear does not feel comfortable. My waist adaptable joggers were heaven!

I felt different in my lounge wear at work. My confidence and my feeling of well being were at a significantly lower level. I felt like click ordering larger sizes of work wear. This would mean I was accepting being fat. I do not want to do this. So do I carry on with my joggers?

It was interesting to see other people reactions towards me in our small office block. I just felt like they did not see me as a person with confidence and ambition. The conversations were just not the same. It highlighted importance to dress appropriately for the occasion. It takes away so much hard work of winning over people! No wonder IFA’s I have met are so smartly dressed.

I am in conflict, I want to go on a massive cloths shopping spree, I want to look smarter and feel good. Should I wait till I have achieved my weight loss? If I go now and then lose the weight that would be a waste. This has been going on in my mind for a few years! Plus clothes on fat person like me – yuk!

I am fairly certain this dilemma is more common among women than men? How do you handle this (men and women)? 

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08th Dec 2012 12:58

Tricky one

I agree completely with you that what you wear at work alters (even if they don't realise it) people's perceptions of you.

Personally, I can't resist the opportunity every now and then (particularly in the depths of winter) to head into the office in jeans and a thick jumper or sweater.  The problem is, I did this the other day only to get caught out by being visited unexpectedly by two (significant) clients and a bank manager.  I'm sure they didn't mind, but I didn't feel mentally at my best.

I'm thinking of moving offices and taking on an AAT apprentice in the near future, and think that once that happens I'll have to ditch my dress-down days, as it sets a bad example and erodes the office culture a bit.

As regards the weight - like you I'm a bit up and down.  I like the phrase 'clothes should fit you, not you the clothes'.  If you don't want to buy a full suit just buy some well-fitting smart trousers that will go with your work-shirts.


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08th Dec 2012 18:37

What about alterations?

I don't feel right unless I am in my "work uniform".

When my favourite skirt got too tight I made the waistline bigger.  I then lost weight and so made it smaller again.

There is more of an incentive, as a female, to do alterations because smart female office attire seems to me to cost disproportionately more than smart male office attire.  However, although my father used to do all his own alterations, I don't think I've ever known any other man who did.

I would advise against asking your female friends/colleagues if they could do the alterations for you but they may well be able to let you know of someone who does it professionally.  The chances are that one of them has had an expensive evening dress altered for them at some time.  Dry cleaners are another possible source of names.

Good luck and don't give up on the weight loss.  It is particularly hard at this time of year because of the cold weather and the Christmas treats.

Kind regards


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15th Dec 2012 22:57

I used to have clothes for fat days and for when I lose weight again. Although in hind sight, I don't seem to have worn many of my slim clothes ever again and they have ended up neatly folded at the bottom of a cupboard at my mums house. I really should get rid of them now.

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