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A sense of deja vu for Labour?

18th Feb 2019
Director Maximiti Limited
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Sensational news or not?

Judging by the time given to what may end up as a split in the Labour party  it is certainly newsworthy. Mind you , we don't get this kind of thing coming along every day on our very own doorstep. Other places on the globe perhaps but not in common-sense, concensus Britain.

So what's the link to accountancy....that's right , "materiality" - does it actually matter given that each MP has a different reason for sticking it to Comrade Jezza?

Here's the rub. Even if it turns out to be a political cul-de-sac as was trumpeted by grand party members, and after a few months it fails to gain momentum ( no pun intended ) it means that the party is so busy gazing at its own navel that Brexit trundles along on whatever path the Tories decide it will take, cliff edge or otherwise. 

And just imagine if it does build into a centrist party , the potential havoc it would wreak at the polls is mind boggling. 

I must admit that I did feel just a wee bit smug at the news, because Mr Corbyn has been one of the greates hypocrites that Westmisnter has seen for years , never mind that his politics are about 100 years out of date and his speed dial features terrorists and dictators.

And the deja vu I referreed to ......Michael Foot anybody ?


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By Knight Rider
25th Feb 2019 16:17

For the Conservatives JC is just a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately for them such a weak opposition makes them vulnerable to an upturn in Labour fortunes if someone sensible (such as Hilary Benn) speaks out or if they hit upon a popular policy (Rail nationalisation which is mysteriously popular) as happened before the 2017 election. Student grants are naturally popular with young people for obvious reasons.
In the meantime we should remember this man is a phoney: brought up in a mansion with a brother called Piers he is about as working class as the Tories he's hung out with in the lobbies in all those EU votes.
Mr Corbyn will be remembered for worse things than wearing a scruffy mac to the Cenotaph.

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