All things to all men - a lesson from politics?

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Firstly, no apology for the use of the term "men" - it is a phrase and is intended to mean "to all people" so let's get the PC bit out of the way.

All things to all men - I suppose that's what industrial conglomerates were although each division had its own name and identity. The telltale logo on the bottom corner of letterheads or on the door of lorry cabs was the link between all the companies in the group.

In politics we are seeing matters defined more and more by single issues which means that parties with broad appeal have a growing problem to grapple with , which is potentially existential for some but for for tohers will redefine their support base. I won't mention "that word" but the Liberal Democrats have nailed their colours to the mast on Article 50 ( not sure how a "democratic" party can ignore a democratic choice - but that's another blog for another day) . Clarity and focus that can be shouted about.

Not so the hapless nasty man from the allotment.

So what is the lesson for us beancounters ( neutral term for the PC inclined) ? General practice or specialist? 

Aha, you say - how can we NOT be general practices . There is only so much demand for specialists andyou wont' get the specialst work without the general stuff, it is all related "hand in glove" . Perhaps the solution lies in having a specialist division in your firm or bringing in a specialist team member. 

Just as the political parties cannot ignore all the "other stuff" that is currently not taking centre stage neither can beancounters avoid being GP's but a clear focus on certain disciplines gives a clarion call to your current and more importantly prospective clients as to what you stand for. And if that's too much for you there's an easy way out - just bang on about your outstanding proactive client care ( obviously it has to be true)  and you avoid the need to employ an expert.

Simples !


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