Army demonstrates optimal assets use

Norman Younger
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It's finally over and we can breathe again. The Olympics that is, not the recession.

One thing that has come out of it all is that the soldiers did an excellent job. This begs the question of why we do not make greater use of the army during peacetime. It is a standing asset that is highly efficient, well disciplined and undergoing constant training.

A soldier doesn't have to kill somebody to prove he is a good soldier. In the same way that defence reviews look at hardware and tactics for the "next war" why not include the remit of the army within that review?

Flood chaos, missing person, prisoner on the loose? Call in the squaddies, instead of stretching the emergency services to the limit.

I wonder how much cheaper it was to use the army rather than G4S?


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13th Aug 2012 11:03

Completely agree....much more

effective use of the forces in times of peace/quiet - we have to be realistic about the 'budget' we have, indeed a more flexible approach like this may justify an increase in military budget as there would potentially be a further 'return on investment', rather than depending upon some ex government minister offering the services of his/her personal company to provide services at a price only the government would consider 'value for money'....


....£2.5 mill 'donation' by G4S.. sounds like they are trying to buy themselves out of responsibility for the no doubt tens of millions of extra cost we incurred due to their mismanagement (wonder if they were 'advised' to make a sizeable donation)

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By Old Greying Accountant
13th Aug 2012 12:51

I am all for this ..

... combined with getting MoD to use always British firms for equipping the troops wherever possible.

Again it is big picture politics, yes a foreign firm may be cheaper per se, but factor in the tax recouped on the suppliers profits (and their suppliers etc etc), on the salaries and wages of their employees (and their suppliers employees etc etc), and the jobs/growth it creates (and thus savings in benefit payments) the lowest price is not always the cheapest!

I think the US use their troops more efficently, and the National Guard (similar to our TA) are frequently called upon for situations you describe. 

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13th Aug 2012 12:56

Aid to the civil power

I am surprised there were no comments in the mainstream media regarding the use of the military in this way.

In the UK, military aid to the civil power generally covers very specific, specialised services e.g bomb disposal that the civilian authorities may lack the training for. It is usually a last resort measure and I would be interested to know exactly how they managed to wangle the use of the military for a sporting event.

To my mind, there are good reasons why this should be both political & practical. One of the reasons that the modern police forces were formed is that the army was considered unsuitable for the task. 

I wonder if Glasgow makes a hash of the security for the Commonwealth Games will they be allowed to draft in troops in cover?


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13th Aug 2012 13:05

Commonwealth Games

As a Glaswegian I can assure you that it will run like clockwork . Put a Scotsman in charge of anything and it is a job well done . Exceptions to the rule Rt Hon Gordon Brown and international football.

Over the centuries the Scots are diproportionatley represented worldwide in success stories and positions of power

Let's see if I can make a good job of my overdue summer holiday by not working and blogging !

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By djw090
17th Aug 2012 15:00

If there was not a significant war going on in a country begining with A we could give it a try.

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By Old Greying Accountant
17th Aug 2012 15:07

do you mean in ...

... or by!

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