BT's lamentable performance - try to focus on customers not IT

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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Here is a story . A man has a holiday chalet in the Cumbrian fells and wants broadband so he arranges for installation and is advised it is a 4 week wait. An appointment is made. He tried to do it online but the system cannot cope with an installation at an address other than home. So a call is made and a very helpful lady in Morecambe (that's the UK) spends 45 minutes or so taking  details.

The day arrives and no sign of the box of tricks that BT send out (ie the router) . The man takes the day off work to wait on top of the hill for the engineer. Meanwhile several calls are made to find out where the router is . The people in Timbuktoo are trying their best but the man is getting frustrating.

It turns out after many calls and online visits that the router was sent to the wrong address and returned after 3 attempts to misdeliver, back to BT , who of course didn't bother telling the man. All this happened 2 weeks prior to the due date

Engineer turns up and after much sucking of teeth declares he needs an "underground team" so he goes away.

The man goes home and finds an email advising him that as the equipment sent was faulty he must return it to BT for recycling or will be charged for it !

The man sends BT an irate email , and at the same time advises them that he is a shareholder (for what it is worth) .

This morning the man gets a call from BT to advise him that everything is on track for a successful installation running to time. But , hey,  just a minute was booked for 24th and today is the 25th and it hasn't happened ??!!

The man realises this is going to be very complex and will probably involve another day in the hills.

The man comes up with a response , which is hopefully cathartic. He writes a blog about it on AWeb !


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