Could Brexit push the weather off its pedestal ?

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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The weather has always been a good icebreaker when encountering strangers, whether at a social event or in a more tense setting such as a waiting room. The great thing about it that even if your idea of a pleasant summer or a good winter is not the same as your counterparty you are highly unlikely to come to blows over it or cause anybody offence. 

Even the old bellwether of our country's and even our personal economic health - house prices - takes second place to the weather and tends to be more likely to dominate the dinner party than the weather.

But enter Brexit to the sound of a trumpet fanfare . The split between Remainers and Brexiteers rumbles on although this week's Economist magazine has a survey showing that a rerun of the referndum would yield the same result and that even Brexiteers accept the result but overall the desire for a softer Brexit has taken hold amongst a clear majority of both camps. 

We can't open a serious news website or newspaper , nor switch on the news without running into something Brexit related and it is of course a critical issue for our country and our personal financial wellbeing , either directly or indrectly , in a way that the weather is unlikely to be. But could you imagine a scenario where your crowded lift shudders to a halt and in the interveing minutes until it restarts you smile at your travelling companions and instead of saying "well at least it's dry inside her" , you blurt out "well it's better in here than being in the EU" ?

It would certainly be interesting to hear the opinion of people who you may not ordinarily discuss Brexit with but somehow I can't quite see it engaging everybody in the same way as the weather. On reflection weahter is a far safer bet simply because wherever you are inthe UK the concersation will most likely take the same format but Brext could land you in very hot and deep water in some locations.

Anyway , have you seen this morning's report from the Met Office  ?   


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15th Aug 2017 16:47

"and that even Brexiteers accept the result "

Do you not mean "even Remainers accept the result"?

If you do mean Remainers I can state that some may accept the result but also still think it was stupidity writ large for a perceived benefit which is a chimera.

Democratic will may be followed, but that does not extinguish the right, nay obligation, to keep pointing out that the nirvana being sought does not exist.

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16th Aug 2017 09:34

Yes you are correct I should have stated Remainers.
As a Brexiteer I fully appreciate your comment and have on many reflective occasions wondered if the decision was correct given all the grief in its aftermath. I can also state that my vote was also anti establishment but that very establishment was the EU elite.

However just because the ride is bumpy does not mean it will fail to arrive at its destination and je ne regret rien as they say in Europe

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