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I bet the title grabbed your attention , it would have grabbed mine. 

There are 2 things about the state of UK politics that are nagging at the back of my mind, and only a general election will tell us the answer, but are we really really in truth of truths ready for such a date ? 

1) Did people vote for Corbyn to frighten the government but  instead get the shock of their own lives - in other words how many Labour voters would risk doing it again to send a message to Number 10 ?

2) Do people really fall for Corbyns' hypocritical claim that "the system" is rigged when he is rigging Labour to ensure a hard left leadership until the end of days ?

Personally I am too scared to even think about finding out - even the cat at Number 10 would be a Marxist and no doubt be banned from chasing mice as it is "unequal"

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Hallerud at Easter
25th Sep 2017 14:37

I am currently more using my vote to punish rather than to reward, this has become a stronger impulse as I have become older, and likely more cynical, with less belief in a Brave New World and more in , stop them doing any more damage.

Labour got my vote last time not because I approve of them, although there were one or two policies with which I agreed, but to punish the Conservatives for inflicting an EU referendum on the country which was not in the national interest but because of internal party political issues and their own self interest;a term in office is a mere five years, Brexit is for life.

Do I revert to the Conservatives (my party of choice in recent years), I do not think so on current performance, they are not impressive and look like a vacumn of intellect and vision.

Do I revert to the Liberals (my party of choice in the 1980s), well, hard call, their EU ref2 idea appears to mean an even longer period of uncertainty, I like the sentiment but pragmatism says we are where we are, make the best (or worst) of Brexit and lets get it over with rather than prolong the agony.

The most annoying thing is going to be that we really will not know the real Brexit outcome for 40-50 years, doubt I will live long enough to read the history books re 2016 that tell us the real ending.

What I would like to see is Brexit sorted (one way or another) a schism in the centre with a stronger centrist party and the Looney Tunes of left and right cast into the wilderness, but I do not really expect to see this; the catch is electorates around the world find the centre boring, these days they want the impact politician promising the earth and I suspect will discard their new Messiah after a very limited time, the days of building stable political platforms are maybe over.

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Replying to DJKL:
By Norman Younger
25th Sep 2017 15:50

Aha .... an undecided voter , just what pollsters love !

But I fully see where you are coming from and am also concerned about hard shifts to the edges , or perhaps I should say , the extremes

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Replying to Flying Scotsman:
Hallerud at Easter
25th Sep 2017 16:12

Yes, German elections plus Le Pen in France and of course Trump in US give pause for thought.

I suspect it is the side effect of the world's media losing control of the message to the masses and our (and I
do at times include myself in the our) belief at times that we understand problems just as well as the experts; it is a dangerous world where everyone believes their opinion is as valid as one formed by an individual with a lifetime's experience in the field.

Re this latter point the politicians are significantly to blame. If the political conversation is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (and it is, Strong and Stable, anyone) , so that everyone can play the politics game by mouthing platitudes, what do they expect.

Great example, Emily Thornberry on Radio 4 news at lunchtime re the great Labour bodyswerve of an EU/Brexit debate. Yes, honest, they all wanted to discuss housing etc, this is how Labour decision making re conference works, there was no arm twisting-she must take the electorate as total plonkers and is brazen enough to spout such nonsense.

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By Knight Rider
26th Sep 2017 12:36

Am rather puzzled at a punishment vote against the Conservatives for calling a referendum - it was after all a 2015 manifesto commitment.
The prospect of a far left government is indeed quite terrifying not just economically but on the world stage politically as well. can you imagine JC having a cup of tea with Rocket Man?
Unfortunately many of Corbyn's proposals(Rail nationalisation, business taxation, ending PFI) actually have popular support and mainstream parties(in reality just the Conservatives) must do more to dispel the myths of state ownership and control.

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Replying to Knight Rider:
By Norman Younger
26th Sep 2017 15:07

It truly is frightening to have a hard left clown in power. I spent many agonising days in June contemplating what to do with my portfolio of houses and now the spectre has been raised again. The main losers will be tenants who rent good houses from good landlords at fair prices.
Either rents will go up or they will be turfed out. But left wingers just want to see people who have been successful brought down to the level of those less fortunate.
Equality they call it, but it is destruction. I cannot think of one instance where bringing down those who create wealth has improved the lives of those further down the economic ladder. It will wreak more havoc than Brexit ever could.

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Replying to Flying Scotsman:
By Knight Rider
27th Sep 2017 13:55

Indeed. Behind the new found optimism and smiley smooth talk from the left wing clowns there is an ugly politics based on spite,envy and revenge lurking just behind the veil. Fantasy politics but not in a good way.

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By bheald
01st Oct 2017 15:03

Like the discussion! For me it all comes down to the system, which although not explicitly 2-party, effectively is that; so it all ends up being a cat-fight between two bloated incumbents who trade insults and play politics with the things that matter. Such as the health service, taxation policies, education, crime, etc.

Just as every other aspect of modern life in the 21st century is changing (and usually rapidly), why isn't the political system changing. So the big question.

Would we get better outcomes from politics if we reformed the whole system for the 21st century? If you think we might, hop over to and support my movement for change.

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By Norman Younger
01st Oct 2017 17:10

Every type of government system is flawed and creates winners and losers. With capitalism yiu know what to expect and many people gey a chance to improve their lot. With socialism many people are simy misled or robbed by the state.
Our system keeps stability and rule of law so I am not seeking change. I would like to see more of what I term benevolent capitalism , which is what I believe I live myself.
Dragging down successful or raise up less well off? You choose !

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