Have accountants also lost interest in the budget ?

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Ho hum , another budget , coming up on Wednesday . From speaking to people it is that there is total apathy . Totally understandable because we expect taxes to go up across the board and the business community expects life to become more complicated.

But what of our august , revered and respected profession ?  This is surely our bread and butter so do we really hang on to every word Mr Osborne utters at the despatch box or do we buy the morning paper and read the headlines in the budget special supplement ?  

How will you be spending Wednesday afternoon ?

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By Old Greying Accountant
15th Mar 2013 10:53

Is there a budget next week? ...

... yawn!!!

Take that as a yes.

Whilst we have a hamstrung government there wil be no meaningful budget, IMVHO!

I am more concerned the Man U /Chelsea replay is set for April Fools day, luckily KO is after 12 noon so fingers crossed!

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15th Mar 2013 10:59


Well that answers that . The only question remaining is which publication you will read for the news and comment

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By Old Greying Accountant
15th Mar 2013 11:32

Aweb ...

... of course!

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15th Mar 2013 12:14

Budget news

Ah , flattery for the all-knowing website...

Don't you miss the screaming headlines ?



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By Old Greying Accountant
15th Mar 2013 14:26

I shall read the good old DM ...

... to find out how the poor suffering middle classes have been fleeced again to pay for all the scroungers to go to DisneyWorld for a fortnight with as much beer as they can drink and as many fags[***] as they can carry.

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By Flash Gordon
15th Mar 2013 14:28


I'm more interested in who the Dolphins are signing under free agency! And under 6 weeks till the draft. Which means the next season is getting closer! I foresee some good wins for the Fins this year.

Oh sorry, I forgot I was an accountant. Yeah, budget, whatever....

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to lionofludesch
19th Mar 2013 12:00

Same view

Flash, I hope the Dolphions have a good draft and free agency - some competition for the Patriots would be handy......

As for my 49ers, we are not doing too well in free agency so far - yes we got a good deal for Alex Smith (who I thought the Dolphins mught have gone for) but we have lost TE Walker, DL Sopoaga and Jean-Francois and FS Goldson so far - two starters and two heavily used back ups hmm .

We didnt get much out of last year's draft (#1 Jenkins didnt start a game), but have fourteen picks this year.....

If you are going to the jags/49ers at Wembley maybe we could meet up for a beer and plan a new special interest blog on here - the life of an NFL supporting tax accountant!

Budget - whatever - Ive got a new practice to start up! 



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15th Mar 2013 15:09


So it seems that members of the profession , on a very unrepresentative poll, are apathetic .

Is it part of the disconnect with politics or is something else at play ?

Sinister times indeed.....



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15th Mar 2013 23:27

Probably read the daily mail the next day and read as much as I can online in the afternoon but that's mainly because I'll be out at a 90th birthday lunch.

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By Luke
16th Mar 2013 15:16

Won't be watching

I used to watch intently but this year I can't be bothered to be honest. 

I will wait for the ICAEW Tax Faculty's summary to pop into the email inbox later that afternoon / evening and read that carefully.

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18th Mar 2013 09:10


So why bother with the spiel in the Commons ? Simply send out a list of what is changing and then face question on it a week later , in The House .


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18th Mar 2013 10:15

Play acting?

I find it really difficult to watch anything that takes place in the Commons. It is worse than the school playground. None of them seem to care enough about the country to work together for the common cause. Point scoring seems to be the only thing they are interested in, and trying to make themselves look good. I'm not impressed!

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18th Mar 2013 10:30

The Commons

This is a point that is often raised and is indeed a valid observation for even the most casual observer. Hoever, take a look at the Lords' proceedings and ask yourself if you really fancy watching a sterile debate live on TV.

Then again , the point is surely that this is not supposed to be entertainment but merely an extension of democracy

You pays your money and take your pick....

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18th Mar 2013 10:45


I don't want to be entertained. I want to be reassured that the future of our country is in good hands. That reassurance is sadly lacking when MP's, and ministers, behave as they do. 

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18th Mar 2013 13:39

Entertainment in the Commons

The "Ya Boo Hiss" atlosphere has always existed , even in the days of true statesmen , the calibre of which we have not seen since the Thatcher era . Somehow the business of government manages to happen , and this is in fact only the shop window. I have however noticed a decline from showmanship and "personalities" to sniping and cheap jokes delivered by poor performers. A reflection of the calibre of comedy we have now compared to that of a generation ago.


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18th Mar 2013 13:52

The 'shop window' is 100 yrs out of date

Let's hope they are less archaic in other matters. Can you imagine a boardroom meeting being run on the same lines? 

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By Old Greying Accountant
18th Mar 2013 14:00

There are still some gems though ...


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18th Mar 2013 14:52

Little brother

Brilliant !  He is a classic example of the wrong man in the wrong job. Unimpressive and lacking presence. Even the PM just scrapes home on the presence front . As I said earlier - we have no more statesmen (or women) , just greasy pole climbers.

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By Old Greying Accountant
18th Mar 2013 19:59

Totally agree ...

... all politicians are the same colour these days, grey of varying shades.

But Miliband minor always makes me think of Finknottle from the Wooster books, even after the nose job.

As  Shirley says, we need a Blitz spirit at the momemt, not every man for himself.


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19th Mar 2013 11:50

Blitz spirit

I think the only way to attain this is to arrange a Blitz !  Even then I doubt that today's youth have what it takes to sacrfice for the greater good

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