Have negotiating skills been killed by the media?

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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Yes I know we live in an alway-on 24hr news world , well at least that's what the media have us believe . Whoever invented the "Breaking News" ticker that invades our privacy with sense of self-importance should be.......

So it is against this dismal state of affairs that the Brexit talks plod forward at a stately place, or from my screen is is perhaps more apposite to use the term "lurch" .  In a textbook scenario the sides hunker down and get on with the job , but here in between each cucumber sandwich we are subjected to a tidbit of supposed detail and the negotiators have to scurry back and reverse everything because the media have cast their premature ( immature ?)  opinions as judge , jury and executioner. 

Nobody says a difficult negotiation is easy ( it would be an oxymoron if ever there was one ) but the is a reason why negotiation is a skill as well as a dark art , so why do we have to reduce it to some sort of Victorian parlour game that skips and jumps to the beat of the "experts" , whose most difficult negotiation has probably been over whose round it is next.

And the joke is that these very same people who have had Mrs May hanging by a thread for most of the week on the masts of their new sites suddenly hail her for the last minute breakthrough on Friday pre-brekkie . Can somebody explain there the integrity in this sort of reporting is ?

I am beginning to see the advantages of hibernating now and waking up in March 2019 , opening the newspapers , scanning the headline and snorting to myself as I find out whether we are still in or out , or like the Grand Old Duke of York......




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