HM Queen and her offshore territories

Norman Younger
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Another "leak" and this time Buck House is in the sights of some so-called do-gooders who take the moral high ground. They can't actually prove that HM QE 2 has done anything illegal so instead they carp on about why she has invested abroad.

Aren't these offshore financial centres situated in a location of which she is the Queen ? 

How more supportive of one's loyal subjects would they like her to be , or does all her wealth have to be invested in The Square Mile ?

No doubt some self-righteous media clown will be calling for Her Majesty's head because she goes around shaking the hands of strangers which has suddenly becomes most inappropriate.


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By Tornado
06th Nov 2017 10:01

The amount involved is apparently about £10 million which is a very small proportion of the Queen's total investments.

In the general world, even though it is acknowledged that tax avoidance is not illegal, we get the usual consternation about the moral aspects of investing offshore.

The moral aspects of investments are a decision for the investor alone. If our Government, or any other Government were that interested in morals, then something would have been done about this a long time ago.

The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong in investing legitimately offshore.

The real shock about this 'leak' is that so much confidential information has been made public. I guess there is something illegal about that.

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06th Nov 2017 13:07

Not to mention that the queen pays income tax and capital gains tax voluntarily. There can be no avoidance or evasion of a voluntary payment.

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By Tornado
06th Nov 2017 13:43

"so-called do-gooders who take the moral high ground"

Would they not be better directing their energies to the morals of allowing numerous foreign entities to own many of our utilities and public services, UK football teams that have few UK players or managers, an NHS service into which millions pay into for years yet heath tourists who pay nothing get top quality free treatment.

One has to be a little careful when using morals as an argument, it can never really be a credible argument these days.

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07th Nov 2017 10:24

It's hard to think of anyone with more international standing than the Queen. What could be more natural than investing in her overseas territories?

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