How fast is too fast ?

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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The M60 is on final approach to completion of the perennial road works to transform it into a "smart motorway"  so of course they have installed speed cameras. Yah boo hiss, I hear you all mutter under your breath , as indeed I have done. However , I thought it would be in the public interest to know whether they were triggered if the variable speed was not displayed and if so what leeway one had.

Greater Manchester Police replied that they were exempt because :

Disclosure of such information is potentially dangerous information into the public domain; it would create a perception that motorists would be allowed to travel at the maximum speed of 70mph because there is no specific speed restriction displayed. This would impact on law enforcement capabilities of GMP in the prevention and detection of crime and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

Have you ever heard such drivel in your life ?  

Or perhaps I am losing touch with reality - please tell me I am not 



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By mrme89
15th Jan 2018 11:25

The cameras on the M62 adjust to the variable speed limit. I've seen them flash at a few people doing less than 70mph, but more than the variable speed limit.

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By Dib
to mrme89
17th Jan 2018 16:54

And, with no variable speed restrictions in place, I've seen them not flash at motorists doing well in excess of 80 mph!

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16th Jan 2018 15:11

Cameras are just a ruse to make money from motorists - they do nothing do remove drunk/drugged or uninsured drivers or unsafe vehicles from the roads. They are never seen outside schools or hospitals or built up areas, just fast roads in favourable conditions. In how many areas have you seen limits reduced as vehicle safety has improved?
Sadly I am unsurprised by this response.

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22nd Jan 2018 10:44

As it stands I am appealing the decision but they have not returned my call . It definitely makes one concentrate more on speed but sometimes I find myself spending more time looking at the speedo than the traffic ahead.

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