Hypocrisy over taxing the digital giants

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Another budget , another bout of speculation . This time it is about getting a fair tax take from the social media and commerce giants , the FANG companies.

For years we've grumbled about the ridiculously low levels of tax they pay in the UK but I have not noticed anybody boycotting these companies as a means of getting even. Same with China - for years I said that it was the biggest con going and only recently a certain Mr D Trump has sounded the alarm on their cheating and lowballing. Has nobody ever wondered how you can get your package shipped around the world and make a profit unless you are paying flumpence to post it?

Spreadsheet Phil won't pull any rabbits out the hat on this issue but we have the power to act. 

So are you all heading down to your local high street this afternoon for your next purchase or is it actually really too convenient to press a button from the comfort of your couch whilst at the same time tut-tutting over how these digital behemoths are ruining our towns and cities without contributing anything to government coffers.





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By Knight Rider
12th Nov 2018 10:41

Consumer boycotts rarely work: I've not heard of anyone boycotting the FANG companies.
The High Streets are dying because they haven't evolved with the times, extortionate parking charges and overzealous enforcement, and business rates set regardless of business activity/profitability. It's hardly Amazon's fault that tax policy is so unfair and not fit for purpose nor should people be expected to pay more for less.
Unfortunately I don't expect Mr Hammond to do much about it. Now what's my Amazon password?

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By Norman Younger
14th Nov 2018 12:16

I believe Amazon is guilty of predatory pricing cross subsidised by its data operation.
So we support them regardless but grumble when our local high street goes down the tube.
Eating one's cake and having it? Because all that's left on the high street are cake shops!

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