Jobsworth at Manchester City Council

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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Yesterday I went to Manchester's famous Heaton Park ,   to *spend* money at the much advertised garden centre.  At the park entrance, Jobsworth on the driveway asked me for £1.50 for parking. I explained that I was not visiting the park but going to shop at the garden centre. "Doesn't matter mate" came the terse reply. "No problem mate , let me turn the motor round and  I'll shop elsewhere" I countered. "No problem mate" replied Jobsworth once again. B & Q's gain, ratepayers' loss. Pathetic isn't it.

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02nd Apr 2012 09:15

I often wonder ...

... if it was the town centre parking fees that councils are so keen on that are responsible for killing the towns. I have heard councils claim that these parking charges are a method of 'encouraging' us to use public transport!

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By Old Greying Accountant
to Glennzy
02nd Apr 2012 16:33

Depends where you are I think

ShirleyM wrote:

... if it was the town centre parking fees that councils are so keen on that are responsible for killing the towns. I have heard councils claim that these parking charges are a method of 'encouraging' us to use public transport!

My local town Staines (oops, sorry, forgot it is now Staines upon Thames - probably why they need to charge so much) is £1.00 for an hour but you still have to queue for the car park. Reading and Kingston (upon Thames) likewise despite needing a small mortgage to park there. Round here it is the smaller towns like Sunbury and Egham that are being strangled, because you don't want to pay 50p to park for a roll of bin liners at hardware shop, a paper at the newsagent and a loaf of bread from Budgens when you can get the whole lot with free parking at the Tesco super store just up the road, and then fill up your car with cheap petrol to boot!

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02nd Apr 2012 15:00

Heaton Park

It is actually in middle of nowhere , bang in middle of the park . How on earth one is to shlep bags of compost on the bus is beyond me.

It proves that enterprise and public ownership don't go hand in hand

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02nd Apr 2012 15:12

Maybe they should adopt the parking refund tickets

We have a couple of supermarkets with in-town parking used by people that are not always customers. You pay to park, but take your ticket into the supermarket and they refund the parking fee against your purchases.

Ah, well, lack of forethought and imagination by the park management cost them some sales. It's their loss!

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03rd Apr 2012 10:48

Parking charges

The question is whether removing parking fees locally would stimulate trade which in turn would bring in more rates money. In Bury where I live , and bordering Heaton Park, local parking is free up to a point in Prestwich and as far as I can see things are fairly vibrant. Only issue is the dimwits who enforce yellow line rules, which themselves appear somewhat arbitrary.

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By neileg
03rd Apr 2012 12:02


I guarantee that the 'Jobsworth' was not the person who decided to charge for parking in the park. Don't blame the messenger.

Parking charges may be imposed to discourage people bringing cars into a city to reduce congenstion or polution. This may have perverse consequences of reducing trade.

The rule for yellow lines will have been included in a traffic regulation order, published in the local press and open to public challenge. Take this up with the Traffic Manager in you local Highways Authority.

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03rd Apr 2012 15:56


You are 100% correct . However the blase attitude towards me simply going home sums up the whole approach of a local authority. If there is enthusiasm and people are trained properly and have pride in their job it should trickle down form the top to the bottom. I am sure that the car park chaps don't report back up the chain.

I am more than aware of yellow line rules and have a copy in my library. I have a 90% success rate in challenges , which says something about the fairness and efficacy of enforcement or is it perhaps in the education of enforcement officers.






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