Join the Olympic hype - that's a direct order

Norman Younger
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A couple of days ago I heard a radio report that many Olympic events are not as oversubscribed as we were led to believe they were, culminating in free tickets being given away like confetti. It got me thinking as to why it should be if there has been so much hype and what with the torch being paraded the length and breadth of the kingdom.

The answer may be that because of the hype people are switched off. It is bordering on the type of fervour one finds in a communist regime in the lead up to the president's birthday.You are force fed the message and cannot avoid the propaganda. I have not got the slightest interest in the event and did not bother to turn out to the torch relay which was within 1/4 mile of my house. I am waiting for the thought police to issue me a fixed penalty notice.

No doubt it is a side effect of the 24 hour media onslaught that we face , but it is high time that the great and the good stop expecting us to share their enthusiasm for every signle project or sporting event. the best way to encourage a following is to do it well and without cheating or corruption. The market will do the rest

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20th Jul 2012 12:40

Olympics - Yawn!

I suspect that many of us outside the metropolis share your views, and I doubt that I shall watch any of the coverage. Reports of the heavy-handed descent upon anyone daring to use the Olympic rings in a window display or such without permission from the sponsors do not help the mood either.

But I did turn out for the Torch when it went past the end of the street - I hadn't originally intended to but my son said he was going as it was almost certainly the only time in our lifetimes that such a thing was likely to happen (like Stoke City getting to the FA Cup Final    - if only my late Dad could have seen THAT, and the brilliant semi-final performance to get there!). So I went along for the historic event. It was a good crowd but the sponsors were heavily (and I mean heavily) represented!

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19th Jul 2012 17:09

Childrens Promise .... Broken ....

Certain that all children who were part of the original Childrens Promise would like to be there at the opening ceremony - however Seb Coe (Lord ??) seems to have reneged on the deal

Its OK kids we will just kick you out so that the LOCOG lot and corrupt Olympic officials can take your place

Excellent - Coe needs to step up on this one

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By Old Greying Accountant
19th Jul 2012 22:48

I'm going ...

... because my son's sport is one of those chosen, and he wants to watch and learn from the elite, and I think many of the sports will have that sort of crowd, i.e. those who participate in that discipline themselves, and that is good.

I have never understood the hype on the mens 100m though, blink and you miss it. I know they have to train hard, but, it is just a quirk of genes means you can run faster than someone else, there is more skill to my mind in darts, snooker and pool but they never get picked as Olympic sports!

Personally though  I prefer team games, so this year a bad one, first the tedium of wimbledon, and now the Olympics - roll on the world cup, althought the six nations is my sporting can't miss!

I must say though, Olympic ticket prices are reasonable (especially as mine came with free travel cards), and I liked the idea children could pay their age.


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20th Jul 2012 09:32

Olympics have lost the plot

As far as I understand it the "Olympic ideals" are long dead and buried.Not of course that the organisers would admit it. It's a shame because the kids and aspiring athletes don't realise this and swallow the hype hook line and sinker. I think the cleverest bunch of this whole thing are the union members who have threatened to strike at the critical moments. Looks like they have learnt the capitalist art of taking advantage of supply and demand and relative positions of strength

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By Old Greying Accountant
20th Jul 2012 10:07

My view is ...

... if only 20% voted, and only half those support the strike, that makes the decision on a 10% staff reduction!

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20th Jul 2012 10:31

Mark Serwotka ...

Interestingly in the 2000 General Secretary election, Mark Serwotka pledged that if elected he would only accept the equivalent of an average civil servant's wage (currently £22,850)

In 2010, however, he received £88,675 in salary as well as £26,159 in pension contributions .v. £22,850 members average

and here is the 'kicker' - He now claims union rules forbid him from accepting a lower salary

Now that one hasn't been tried even by the bankers - good effort !!!

Here is proof that you can fool all the people all the time .......and bear in mind that only 20% voted for this strike in the first place

Funnily enough, none of the members have challenged his pay & perks; or perhaps they have and are now wearing concrete boots !!

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20th Jul 2012 10:58

Union leaders

What's the big deal ? Donate it back to the union !

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20th Jul 2012 11:02


Mark falls into the same position as all of the other scammers at the top of their respective trees.  The common themes being no connection with the real world, the ability to avoid the diffcult question with what they believe is a satisfactory response - 'i know nothing'....and what it appears to be the standard politician response (this applies to all of the above) - answering the question you wanted but not the one you were asked.


As the olympics - shameful display by the unions - especially in suggesting timing of the strikes has nothing to do with Olympics, abysmal display by the government in appearing to be unable to check on how things are progressing (given it is the 'greatest show on earth' coming to our shores), poor showing by LOCOG in the sale of tickets where demand outstripped supply in the first round of sales causing masss disappointment and now have tickets coming out of their ears.    


But i am looking forward to the sports starting.....



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20th Jul 2012 11:42

Unions are an anachronism. They were designed for an era where exploitation was the norm. Now that we are so over-regulated and over-legislated and staff are so over-protected why have a union ? They need to come under the same scrutiny as the bankers . What's sause for the goose ....

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20th Jul 2012 11:48

completely agree...

but if you talk to Mark I am sure he will point out that sending a child between soom spinning looms is the equivalent to a current employee being denied the right to wear a loose chain whilst operating a lathe.....

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20th Jul 2012 12:33


Now that we are so over-regulated and over-legislated and staff are so over-protected why have a union ? 

Do you think all employers abide by the rules? Why do we have (or need) employment tribunals?

A union can help with mediation between the employer & employee. It isn't all about striking.

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20th Jul 2012 13:16


Representation can be achieved without a union. I wrote that they needed scrutiny - perhaps their role need redefined. If it wasn't for Maggie we would be a barren desolate economic wasteland run by communist-led unions bigwigs with fat cigars and srunning around in big black cars with dark windows so the workers (if there were any left) couldn't see them.

The common impression of a union leader is somebody who seeks every opportunity to undermine the employers , just as bankers are viewed as greedy and crooked. Both of them have their work cut out to change how their are viewed by the great British public

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20th Jul 2012 13:21

I agree

That unions became too powerful and greedy. Maggie stopped all that. Such a pity she didn't take the same approach to the all powerful and greedy corporations.

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20th Jul 2012 13:44

Greedy corporations

It hadn't reached the widespread excesses of nowadays . The only I recall was Cedric from British Gas but I did admire him - he started reading meters or soldering pipes or something like that and made it all the way to the top. An essential part of the Thatcher legacy - you could rise to the top irrespective of backgorund

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20th Jul 2012 14:25


even the union reps need to have attended eaton these days.....

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By Old Greying Accountant
20th Jul 2012 19:26

Can't we second ...

... all the union leaders to China, India etc and may be level the playing field at bit?

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23rd Jul 2012 16:51


Having read about the horrendous delays in London I wonder how many hitherto excited people have suddenly experienced an anticlimax of Olympian proportions (sorry , couldn't resist it) ;-)

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By Old Greying Accountant
23rd Jul 2012 17:00

Whilst looking forward to my event ...

... not looking forward to the crack of dawn start to the day, allowing 2 hours to move around 15 miles east, and a further 2 hours to move <100 yards from the door to my seat!

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24th Jul 2012 15:48

Olympic traffic

Are you still in the car...... ?

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