MPs wage demand is a crass lack of judgment

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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So the honourable members think they are grossly underpaid. Perhaps they are , if one compares the hours , the pressure and the lack of job security. However, in the current financial climate , where people are really struggling and lucky to hang on to their jobs, the timing demonstrates that our representatives are on another planet.

I find many of the recent and previous intakes lack the graviats that one felt they had in previous administrations. Perhaps they are much younger and lacking in life experience - you can't buy experience . I suppose it is part of the instant society . nobody wants to work their way up , they want the top job straight away .

Not to forget that if you are really motivated to public service ,the money is of course secondary....or can you now have your cake and eat it ?

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11th Jan 2013 09:56


Perhaps they should be restricted to a 1% rise for the next 3 years. After all that's what they think the sick, the disabled and the unemployed are worth.


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11th Jan 2013 10:53

I agree with you FS

32% increase!!!!!!

I can see people camping outside with placards if they persist in such crass stupidity.

Maybe I am naive, but I always equate being an MP to being an apprentice. Apprentices take low pay in exchange for valuable training. MP's take lower pay in exchange for the massive earning potential available when they leave the Commons.

... and not forgetting the tax-free 'expenses' that they (and only they) are entitled to, and a valuable final salary pension scheme!

The truth is they are selfish people and the order of the day is ... do as I say, not as I do .... and that attitude doesn't earn respect or trust. It just smacks of self-serving hypocrisy.

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to Pezzer69
11th Jan 2013 11:54

on the other hand

Why not just link their salary to a particular Civil Service pay grade and let it match that and then forget about it?

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to johngroganjga
11th Jan 2013 12:27

MP pay

That's a fantastic idea ! I commend it to the house

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11th Jan 2013 13:50

How much is it worth?

1. A job with no qualifications, experience or training required - Mickey D's has a far higher standard for it's staff than that(and possibly would make a better job of running the country)

2. No performance measurement of success, efficiency, effectiveness and no means to sanction the lack thereof.

3. No set working hours or pattern (you could take off for two months in a jungle if you so wished).





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12th Jan 2013 16:47

Pay them the minimum wage - and if that's £82k, then the country will either sink or swim in 6 months!


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14th Jan 2013 09:23

Min wage

To get to £82k they need to work so many hours it's probably a breach of some nasty European

legislation. Perhaps what they really need is an apprenticeship - not only do they get £2.50 an hour BUT the employer can get a grant....

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14th Jan 2013 10:27

i seem to recall that in their oh

so busy life to satisfy the electorate who put them there that some also manage to find time to do other jobs (presumably at the same time as 'living' in london, and in their home county, whilst also claiming food expenses for the whole period) them and shame them....

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18th Jan 2013 13:24

MP pay

Let's ask the electors what they think their representatives should be paid and whether outside interests are allowed !

A test of consumer - power ....

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