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Queen turns 90 - is monarchy an anachronism ?

20th Apr 2016
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Many happy returns to our Queen . I have always been a fan of the Queen although less so of her children . I am aware of the immense value that The Firm brings to the UK , but all said and done how can one explain monarchy in this day and age ? 

Is it simply a case of it works, why change  ? Or is it a case of it's better than a presidency ?

I honestly have no answer to the question were a Martian to park up on my driveway and pitch the question to me , and I wonder if anybody has ever been brave enough to ask a member of The Royal Family , unless they have and are now in the Tower 


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By lionofludesch
21st Apr 2016 09:13


Who would I rather have as head of state ?

The Queen ?

Or some ex-politician such as Tony Blair or the late Margaret Thatcher ?

Hmmmm ..... let me think .....

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By ShirleyM
21st Apr 2016 09:44

I like the Queen

I'm not so fond of the next lot, and there are too many hangers on. I would be more in favour of royalty if we could get rid of the hopeless ones and didn't have to tolerate a growing number of them.

We could maybe have a compromise? Put all the willing Royals up for election and let the country decide which one 'rules'?

EDIT: and opportunity to replace them every few years if they turn out to be useless.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
21st Apr 2016 10:02

Yeah, she is alright
She has no real power, tries to stay out of politics, gives us a sense of continuity and whatever she costs must surely more than be outweighed by the money brought in by tourism.

What is the alternative, yet another elected tier of political power?

I'm not saying that the court hangers-on shouldn't be trimmed down, but please don't get rid of the monarchy altogether.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
21st Apr 2016 12:23


I think it's a similar situation to the House of Lords: we just can't agree on an alternative.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
21st Apr 2016 14:10

Fed up with 'hangers on' jibe..

Exactly who are these 'hangers on'? Have a look at the Court Circular and you will find the Princess Royal, Duke of York, and Gloucester, etc work tirelessly. Most do about 4 events a day - talking to people, smiling when they're feeling rough, miles of driving in a car, eating food that they probably dont like etc etc

I also get annoyed with Prince Charles bashing - he's done a lot of good for farmers (not least the Somerset Hills farmers who were ignored in the floods until he went to see them) and the village of Poundbury that he designed is great ! (I'm from Dorchester)

Imagine having a President Trump....

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By Watcher
21st Apr 2016 22:10

Look at the alternative

The nearest examples of the alternatives are the USA and France. 

We have a gracious, highly intelligent, Queen who is respected the world over. 

France have Hollande, a lackey of the EU.  I doubt even his own dog respects him. 

The USA have Obama, and will shortly have either Trump or Clinton. which merely suggests that 3 villages in America have misplaced their idiots. 

As regards the "cost" of the Royal family which their opponents so often refer to, the last years published figures state that the Royal Grant was £35.7 million, or, 56p a year per subject. However, the Royals bring in massive amounts in tourism.  Recent research suggests it is some £57 billion a year.  

I wonder how much it would cost us to have a "President Blair"?  And how would you view the prospect that in a few years time we could be stuck with a "President (Commissar) Corbyn". 

It seems to me that we are extremely lucky to have our royal family, and that those who wish to live in a republic should catch a ferry across the channel. 



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By Knight Rider
22nd Apr 2016 09:30



Much cheaper than the EU and a lot better value.


They provide continuity and global links which act as a force for good across the world. I once heard an Australian when asked about Australia becoming a republic say they would lose something and gain nothing.

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By Wiganer Elaine
22nd Apr 2016 10:11

Head of State

A non-political head of state that can't be bought yet meets and greets thousands of people across the globe banging the drum for Britain.

The queen is a by-word for continuity, duty and responsibility - I really don't think you would get that with any form of elected representative!

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By FirstTab
22nd Apr 2016 10:39

Get rid of the class system

That's what the Royals mean. Why would anyone bow to Madge or any other person? The whole concept is outdated. They are bound to be liked since they cannot offer opinions one way or another. They  have no real power but all the money. 

I fail to understand such loyalty from her subjects. Royals  should stop claiming dole and move out of Council housing. 

It is easy to be liked when you have access to best of everything. 

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By Wiganer Elaine
22nd Apr 2016 11:03

"Get rid of the class system"

@ FirstTab,

If you think abolishing the monarchy will get rid of "the class system" you are living in cloud cuckoo land!

The reality of life is that there will always be some sort of "class" system. You might officially do away with the old fashioned and somewhat outdated notion of "upper", "middle" and "lower" class (which, these days is already defunct) but, as George Orwell said: "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".

An unelected figurehead with no political power and an elected government running what should be a meritocracy is what I would go for every time!

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By ShirleyM
22nd Apr 2016 11:33

I often wonder ...

... if people would be so keen on Royalty if we had someone like the Duke of Edinburgh, or Prince Andrew as our Monarch?

We have been very fortunate with our Queen. I doubt any Royal (past, present or future) will compare well to her. 

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Norman Younger
By Norman Younger
25th Apr 2016 11:13

I think this one word sums up the Royals. I am also sure that the red tops have got their headlines tucked away for the day after , whenever that is , when this debate will kick off in earnest

I wonder what Mr Corbyn would say if pressed publicly on this very question. It could be the difference between continuity and an alternative if lurching to and fro with the next monarch's status and legitimacy being endlessly debated.

If nothing else the £££££ earned for the UK should be the deciding factor

As for equality and class .....I would hate to have to perform their role with its endless pubic scrutiny and special status set apart from the rest of society

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