Smoking out the baddies while the public fumes

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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Yesterday as I watched the M6 Toll Megabus spectacle my business partner waved up  electronic cigarette and siad nonchalantly "it was one of these" . Today he walked in with an electronic cigar , much to my amusement. What I am struggling to understand about this incident is that if the bus spent about 45 minutes from alerting police to being evacuated how come nobody had realised that the passengers had not been gassed or asphyxiated and that perhaps there was a teen weeny element of overkill , which is euphamisitcally referred to as "a proportionate response" by the scrambled egg in a shiny brand new spotless hi-vis jackets.

Mind you I suppose it saves the cash starpped tax payer for paying to stage an exercise even though others probably lost a packet as they fumed on the carriageway with their window sealed and their aircon switched off - now there's a real public danger on a hot day

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12th Jul 2012 17:15

oh to have a bottomless

pit of money to waste - it also suggests that we have a lot of people sitting around...and not a very coordinated 'action station' given the multiple emergency service vehicles that turned up....combined police/ambulance/fire service vehicles probably outnumbered the total number of passengers....oh to have a 'vocation' in the public sector and serve the 'people'.....

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13th Jul 2012 10:28

Public sector gravy train

I think that the public sector should recruit by extolling the virtues of "public service" :-

Lots of holidays

Generous pension

Retire at 55 and go into private sector whilst getting pension


I often wonder if they realise how inefficient they are. Dealing withe police is a nightmare. Either the person you need is on a training course or leave. Couldn't run a business like that.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot - there's a nice shiny gong somewhere along the line , just for being there , if you rise high enough in the ranks


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13th Jul 2012 10:52

we do need these people

and some of the jobs i certainly wouldn't want to do....that said, i draw the line at the constant drum banging that this is a 'vocation'.... what next that actually it is really charity work that no other people want to do....they care for the community , they wish to serve the public....oh and yes i do want 40k a year for changing a lightbulb in the office (afterall i need an nvq level 4 to operate the ladder so need 2 weeks training and constant cpd....)........and breath....... bet.....just seen someone from the audit commision being paid off....getting more than the pm.....this just can't be right.......but hey i guess i will pick up some tax work along the way so i shouldn't complain.....

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13th Jul 2012 11:22

Jealous...not me

Sorry . I am not jealous. I would be totally frustrated at the shenanigans. I run a charity and we work closely withthe public sector. Enough said

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