Summer has finally arrived - how reassuring

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I woke up today to rain and an overcast sky and a warmish temperature. Most reassuring indeed given the drought conditions of recent months that continued to niggle away in the dark recess of my mind and make me wonder if the climate change lobbyists were possibly correct. 

I am glad to report that such dark negative thoughts have receded entirely and I have no need to seek professional counselling. The planet is simply continuing on its up and down climatic conditions that have likely prevaield over millennia. 

To me this whole business flags 2 concerns :

1) That all of us are too miserly to spend 5p on a plastic bag even after a weekly shop totalling three figures. 

2) That a small group of people with an agenda can make so much noise that their agenda is foisted on everybody in spite of lack of proof for their theory. It started as global warming but when the evidence faield to back them it changed to climate change. So where do we end up - 5p for a bag and the end of the plastic straw - just wait until we're all bringing our own  dirty reusable straws to cafes and spreading germs around that wipes out half the population. 

Meantime we head relentlessly towards the Brexit iceberg but hopefully it will melt before March 2019 - now there's a sobering thought !

New theory anybody ?

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