That time of the year but not tax returns

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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When most of you are busy hurrying to submit tax returns those of us dealing with company registration for a living are focused on another annual ritual. The renewal of our advertising contracts and scrutiny of our advertising budget.

In spite of what you may think  published adverts are alive and kicking . This year however we have a conundrum.

Those ever so nice people at the ICAEW have taken their ball away ,so to speak , and instead of Accountancy being the institute's mouthpiece they have launched their own called Economia. Accountancy still exists via subscription. Have you worked it out yet ?

Yup , that's right - I now have an extra journal that requires my hard earned cash to be spent on an advert or two therein. The budget lies in tatters and I don't gain a single extra reader. So why am I doing it ? Branding .

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