Theresa May is the only statesman in this game

Norman Younger
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Firstly, please do not jump on me for using the term "statesman" - I am in no mood for political correctness stupidity today. You all know what I mean and I ran out of characters for the title. So if makes you happy she is a stateswoman. There!

I have often observed in the past 10 to 15 years that we no longer seem to turn out true "statesmen" nor the female version. We have wishy-washy youngsters who lack life experience and gravitas. You may not approve of the senior politician's politics but he or she struts around the parliamentary and world stage in a dignified and business-like manner, steering clear of scandal and putting their own convictions of public service first.

The odd thing is that as we live older the politicians get younger and seem to vanish before maturing into statesmen of world-class calibre. Back in the day, they were all older men ( almost all) with a wealth of experience but too many died on the job because they were so "old" and people snuffed it at 70. 

I am tiring of all the Brexit posturing in the Westminster kindergarten but I think the only thing that keeps me tuning in is to see Mrs May standing resolute and firm in the manner of somebody whose first duty is to the public even if it is not her own views and in the face of a savage hypocritical press baying for her blood .  She respects the referendum and rightly so, and I firmly believe she will steer us to some sort of agreement, however flawed it may be, hopefully with the backing of business. I have confidence that things will be fine-tuned afterwards to a more satisfactory agreement as it is also in the interest of the bullies at the EU to yield more ground and avoid going down with us together in a hard Brexit.

Perhaps, by the way, the real villain in all this was the person who signed up to joining without checking that there was an exit mechanism. there's some food for thought. It was probably one of our statesmen politicians of the old school. Ha ha . 





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19th Nov 2018 15:57

Undoubtedly old Ted has something to answer for as have the subsequent incumbents who have transferred more sovereignty and taxpayers hard earned to the unelected cabal of drunken old duffers now using fear of'no deal' to extract even more ransom money.
Rather than using military power to annex parts of the UK they are using economic power (or the threat of it) and there is a risk that this agreement will contain some onerous obligations even before the trading arrangements are agreed. Let's not fear a clean break ( or no deal as the fearmongers call it) - it could be financially rewarding and much better in the long run.

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20th Nov 2018 09:59

Trouble is that most of the great unwashed British public fail to remember that these things never usually play out as per the textbook and there is no need to panic.
Parliament sends it back we go to Brussels and change the deal.
Lord Lilley was on Radio 4 this morning and his view is well worth listening to as is makes you wonder who is the real scaremongerer out there.

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22nd Nov 2018 20:41

Lilley's claims have been demolished in some detail here:

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to Red Leader
22nd Nov 2018 22:22

I never expected his interview to go unchallenged as all the views of Brexit have together thrown up a total fog of mistrust and turn-off. Even I have had enough !

I think TM's plan to appeal to the public and to business leaders is a good way to try and leapfrog all the Westminster bickering. After all , the public voted for it and the view of MPs does not necessarily reflect that of their constituents.

Question is how to gauge the public's response without being swayed by certain tabloid publications' interpretations of a mood or feeling, which is what we'll get.

I think she may squeak home on this as she is seen as trustworthy by the public.

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to Flying Scotsman
22nd Nov 2018 23:48

What's that old saying? Truth is the first casualty of war?
Unfortunately mistruths just won't die.They just keep getting repeated, especially by the ultras who seem to lack rigorous thought. That is probably the case with all those who believe in absolutes.

Re TM: I think you're right, though pundits seem to be saying she won't get a majority for it in the HoC. Brexit fatigue is probably her biggest ally, as in "just get on with it".

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By Locutus
26th Nov 2018 20:51

As a Brexiteer, I am deeply disappointed at the "deal" TM has reached, as it looks like Brexit in name only - particularly if we are never allowed to leave the Customs Union ... and indeed why would the EU allow us to leave when it is to their advantage that we remain trapped in their orbit.

However, it's all rather academic, since TM's deal (with future trading arrangements unclear) has just about zero probability of getting through the UK Parliament and the EU are unlikely to substantially renegotiate it.

Then what happens next is unclear. Probably the highest probability is that we will end up in some sort of Single Market and Customs Union arrangement, as that is the only deal that is likely to get through the UK Parliament. However, I doubt whether the EU will allow the UK to exit this unilaterally, which takes us back to the main problem with TM's deal.

I doubt whether TM has the bottle to go for a WTO Brexit.

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to Locutus
27th Nov 2018 11:26

Interesting to hear your perspective. Whatever the deal, I think there will be a sizeable number who are disappointed.
I have a friend who has always been a strong Brexiteer, very anti-EU, whose take on it is that she has almost squared the circle by getting frictionless trade without freedom of movement.
My view is let's agree the deal and move on. Just to add to the incredible cross-current of views on this subject, I have moved from a strong remainer at the referendum to a soft leaver now!

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By Locutus
to Red Leader
28th Nov 2018 00:35

Wow, I didn't see that coming! Welcome to the dark side Red!

I was probably never going to be happy with the deal, as it would have too many compromises for me.

I doubt we will ever find out whether your Brexiteer friend is right about TM's deal, as I can't see any way it will get through Parliament.

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to Locutus
28th Nov 2018 11:38

I think the deal will eventually get through. You heard it here first!

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By Locutus
to Red Leader
28th Nov 2018 13:14

I can't see TM's deal getting through.

More likely it will be something like a Single Market + Customs Union deal (Norway +), possibly with some limited restrictions on freedom of movement.

That way, you will get a significant number of Labour MPs and possibly even the SNP voting for it. The DUP probably wouldn't oppose it either, as the Single Market + Customs Union is consistent across the whole of the UK.

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to Locutus
29th Nov 2018 15:47


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27th Nov 2018 12:41

It is the "what happens next" that may well be the best outcome. Given that nobody knows and the pundits are merely speculating , ad infinitum , let's take it calmly and slowly .
As a Brexit voter I was under no illusion that it would be easy but I felt compelled to register my disgust at tne self serving liberal elite cabal running the EU. Now that my voice has been heard , were we to have a 2nd referendum which is likely to reverse the original result, will it make any difference?
I doubt it, so why vote to reverse Brexit. A nice Catch 22

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27th Nov 2018 16:56

Real Brexit which has been renamed no deal by the various pro EU mouthpieces such as the BBC and CBI is the antithesis of Theresa May's capitulation. Rather than leaving all the auspices of the EU this deal ties us in to them until we concede Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, fishing rights and probably the Elgin Marbles as well. The UK people will become the serfs of Europe.
On the plus side it looks unlikely that it can be approved by the House but there is no room for complacency.
A poor performance by Jezza in a TV debate could make 50 or so Labour MPs vote for the deal to avoid an election which in which they would lose their seat if TM steps down. A promise to the SNP could make 35 SNP members vote for the deal. More than enough to make up for the 80 conservative MPs who will vote against.

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to Knight Rider
27th Nov 2018 17:35

You forgot "vassal".

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to Red Leader
27th Nov 2018 22:51

Thanks and 'EU colony' !

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28th Nov 2018 09:06

TM is going hell for leather above the heads of the MPs direct to the public who were the ones who chose Brexit.
This has the 1 undeniable advantage of cutting out party politics and personal interests among the Westminster club that are moulding so much of what we see.
I think the person with the biggest headache in all this is a certain Mrs Foster who is having her bluff called and looks likely to have to explain to her constituents why she has blown the balance of the £1bn "inducement"

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to Flying Scotsman
29th Nov 2018 09:50

It's a shame Theresa didn't stay at home and send Arlene to Brussels instead.

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28th Nov 2018 18:20

There was only ever 1 Brexit. Brexit meant no more free flow of goods, capital, labour and services. Soft brexits firm brexits bouncy brexits and hard brexits are constructs by political actors. Political actors have ruined the UK over 5 decades.
David Cameron never prepared for Brexit thinking voters would vote to remain. Preparation involving new customs regulations for Brexit would take 2 years. We currently are not ready.
May's deal assigns us to a colony of the EU and does not return our sovereignty. We pay £39.000,000,000 to be a colony and still have no future free trade deal bound in law.
Shame on you May.
Shame on you Hammond
Shame on you Mark Carney with your gloomy forecasts.
May's deal will be defeated in Parliament as no one can stomach the UK becoming an EU colony

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