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Trump - back to basics

20th Jul 2018
Director Maximiti Limited
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I am reading Trump's biography and after a couple of chapters nobody can say that they didn't know he was like this - bombastic , capricious and will say anything to get "a deal" . However he is that very rare breed in a politician in that he made certain manifesto pledges and has stuck to them , however unpalatable they may be.

So perhaps there is a good point in the man that other political leaders can learn from - "does what it says on the tin"  !

EU anybody ?

Btw I still do not understand American politics and have no idea how I would vote were I to be enfranchised there.

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By Tornado
20th Jul 2018 16:15

The loudest voices criticise him but the silent majority voted him in and I don't think they are disappointed.

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Replying to Tornado:
By ollie
25th Jul 2018 12:39

"Silent majority" - really ?

Votes cast for the 2 candidates were:

Clinton 65.84m
Trump 62.98m

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By Knight Rider
26th Jul 2018 16:13

How refreshing to have a leader that says what he means and does what he says. Trump seem seems to have achieved more in a few days with the EU than the British government with all its EU sycophants has achieved with the EU in the last 2 years.
It rather looks as if Trump will win a second term.

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By Norman Younger
26th Jul 2018 18:51

I wonder about that 2nd term . If he implements his pledges then presumably those who supported him will re-elecr him.
The only fly in the ointment is his capriciousness but it makes for entertaining viewing and a nice diversion from the Brexit saturated news that I now tend to ignore.
If only our governmenr learnt from Trump the "art of the deal" but there hands are tied by a machiavellian press that cares more about tomorrow's mendacious headline than the national good

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