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TSB - 34 years of custom ends ignominously

10th Jun 2018
Director Maximiti Limited
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Been a customer since school days and been through 6 weeks of inconvenience since April of which 4 were hell. To cut a long story short I was a fraud victim and as somebody with a reputation for caution and being streetwise it has literally sent shockwaves through my circle of business colleagues, friends ( yup got a couple of them ) and family.

As a compensation claim is pending there is a limit to what I can say right now but the lesson is that we are all vulnerable especially when busy , distracted or at the end of our tether trying to get through to a call centre.

What I find worrying is that each bank has different security protocols. TSB for example always asks for the 3 digits at the rear of your card but others state that they will never to such. So how are people supposed to remember what to say to whom? Something is seriously wrong with the banking sector at the point where is matters most to their customers but why has the regulator not takena  lead to introduce uniformity?

The thieves also followed the direct debit trail to call my telecom company and put a divert on my phone - the security was laughable but they insist they areonly following guidelines. Sounds a bit like the lame excuse of "following orders" .

So it is safe now to walk the streets after dark but very hazardous just switching on your computer as the thugs no longer need to stir themselves from their sofa.

Just imagine if it had only been me and not thousands of others - I am sure the bank would not have reimbursed me in a month of Sundays becuase "it can never happen" . This time it only took a month which included 4 Sundays.



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By Robbo
15th Jun 2018 12:01

What I can't understand is that in many cases the money is diverted to an account used only for the scam.
Normal people have difficulty in opening up legal accounts so how do the scammers open up so many scam accounts?

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By Norman Younger
15th Jun 2018 13:34

How should I know :)
Ask a criminal
The sad thing is that the lives of regular business people is blighted by constant and repeated ID checks but they are anyway ineffective.
You see, nobody checks that the passport or licence that is given is valid. If a passport is nicked how does the professional know - they don't check it online.
The weakest link .....
The law is an [***] , just in case you were unaware, because it is made by people with no real world experience who are paid monthly and awarded fat pensions simply for turning up at the office and don't need to think very hard to justify their remuneration. Actually , thinking is not in the job description.
As a late acquiantance of mine used to say " If you can't do it , teach it and if you can't teach it REGULATE it "
Herein the root of the problem

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By Knight Rider
18th Jun 2018 10:57

Having recently spent more than 6 months trying to open a business account with Natwest I am amazed at how easy it seems to be for scammers to open bank accounts. I think that the banks operate a common tickbox approach to all potential account holders which does not allow a more targeted approach to suspicious account holders or transactions based on intuition or common sense.
Banks profits may be increased by the loss of client relationships but we all face the risk that the banks IT integrity may be compromised by IT criminals.
Perhaps we should have accounts with 2 or 3 banks just to protect ourselves. Now where's my passport,utility bill, payslip............

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