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Usual squeals as Entrepreneurs Relief targetted

2nd Mar 2020
Director Maximiti Limited
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Another rumour , or perhaps it's a leak - not sure what the semantics of such issues are , but a nice juicy tax relief is under threat.

The usual vested interests are crying foul. Not because it is unfair or unequitable but because many of the potential beneficiaries are watching the ship set sail as they approach the harbour , or perhaps it is more akin to a gravy train at the platform but the doors are already locked as they rush through the ticket barrier.

"It will discourage entrepreneurs from creating jobs" , we hear as the new refrain from SME leaders. Piffle !

Does they seriously believe that withdrawal of a very generous relief will stop people trying to make money and create wealth , primarily for themselves?

It's the price to pay for not getting a Marxist gvernment , small change and they should be grateful , as indeed I am .


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By Justin Bryant
03rd Mar 2020 17:14

I'm amazed that some people say that if ER is blocked it will not be on Budget Day but later. Even HMRC aren't that dumb to leave the door open to bank ER after it's been given a sunset date.

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By AndyC555
04th Mar 2020 10:00

Setting up a business is not a one-way bet on becoming wealthy. As anyone advising people who do this knows, it is very hard. Countless long hours, often under paid or unpaid in the early years and the constant risk of losing everything. It is easy for the lazy, envious and spiteful to wail about the tax breaks potentially on offer but I don't view them as encouragement, I view them as a 'thank you' for risking everything to become the beating heart of the country's economy.

It would be a sad day if the government gave in to an ungrateful mob and removed this 'thank you'.

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Replying to AndyC555:
By Norman Younger
04th Mar 2020 13:30

I would have agreed with you in the past but one has to put things in perspective of the times in which we live - the realpolitik.

The reward is the money made along the way so I suppose those who never really succeeded and sell up will be the biggest losers as the capital sum is their only reward for the risk. Those who minted it along the way will not lose by paying some tax on their windfall at the end.

It's just a wee bit more mortar to strengthen the newly built blue wall up north

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