Will Independent Group flap its wings and rise?

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A new British political party does not come along very often and when it does we get sooooo excited for the first 5 minutes. Then some hack points out failure of the SDP  in spite of having big political beasts at the helm. 

But this time will be different. Of course it will, because.....well because , um , the zeitgeist is different and having the right names behind it is no longer relevant.

Perhaps this is true as people are well and truly fed up with 2 party politics and it is time to do something about it. Really?

It's almost as exciting as a new player in the accountancy market made up of defectors from PwC and the like because they think that audits are not up to scratch. Today's news is tomorrow's chip wrapping. Even if they did announce it at Accountex.

We live in an era where concensus is out of the window and it is all about who makes the most noise on social media, which means that any true message of hope is likely to be lost in the cacophony of drum banging and the fog of content.

I cannot see a return to the days of Balirite left of centre government that lavished benefits on the population as a nicely disguised bribe. The British public is too savvy and distrusting now and the government is too broke to do so even if it wanted. 

Would I vote for such a fresh way of looking at things from the Independent Group?  I might do , but would you?


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By Knight Rider
21st Mar 2019 17:39

No they will sink without trace after the next election. Worryingly Mr Corbyn has some popular policies and our Prime Minister is a closet social democrat. Who will put the case for individual freedom,personal responsibility,low taxes and small state before the socialists run out of other people's money?

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By Norman Younger
24th Mar 2019 16:18

Interesting view on TM . I have never worked her out since the left the safety of the Home Office where she had an unusually long tenure.
I swing between viewing her as a strong negotiator who was standing firm in the face of a wicked nasty self serving EU , and an idiot for all the reasons we know.
I think most apt description today is "survivor" but close to running on fumes.
I have not noticed any traction yet for TIG but they may be playing a long game and busy behind closed doors

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