A run of bad luck in worst possible week.

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I have been extremely busy these last 6 weeks, not really with tax work but I have took on a lot on new cleints this summer. Many are March & April year ends, i wanted the accounts doing quickly then current inputting into Xero then xero going forward. What sounded like a good plan did not run smoothly, delays in getting records in, followed by delays in getting clearence information (some accountants are real arses about that) has meant a steady few months work has all compressed into the last 6 weeks of the year.

The work load is more than I have capacity for and I have been working weekends for maybe the last month which is not good. I was hoping for a decent spell off work, but think I will use this time to catch up. I have some help starting in Janaury which will clear the back log and get back on track. Some jobs will go onto Xero now when their year end expires and not mid year.

On positive note I had 3 great enquiries in the same week, none tax related but very good businesses which I really fancy, although the shine was taken off for the week with a bad debt I have been stuck with, I obtained a CCJ but they have gone into administration  before I could collect it. Another costly lesson.

So with so much on I couldnt afford and problems but followed was a disastrous week or so.

The first day we had ice, I slipped in leather soled shoes when getting into my car, smashed my knee and wrecked my suit tr ouser I had on, (possibly on the only day of this year I have worn a suit). 2 days later I had an early meeting to get some accounts signed off unfortunatly my daughter had been ill during the night and I had deal with her early in the morning. So was later leaving than I should, I went into the kitchen just before leaving only to find water pouring through the ceiling from a burst pipe in the bathroom. Had I been on time for my meeting and the the water had been running all day It would have had a wrecked house for Christmas. Anyway day lost sorting plumbers out and getting a drier to get water out of house.

A day or so later I slipped again when getting out of the car, managed to grab the handle inside but was full length and couldnt get my legs under me to stand up. Legs going like the road runner for what seemed like 5 minutes I managed to get back into the car, I thought no one had seen me and mentioned it to one of the girls in the office, who promtly got the camera footage and showed it to everyone else, at least I might get £250 if it makes it on the TV.

Then on Thursday last week there was a power surge in the office which fried my IT. Although everything is stored in the cloud nothing is lost but I still lost 2 days trying to get it sorted. Today the IT bods have told me my PC is terminal and will need totally replaced, which I could totally do without. So now working from a laptop which is far from ideal.

So what was a good 2017 has finsihed on a bit of a downer and with all this going on I have missed 3 Christmas functions which just wont do.

Merry effing Christmas everyone.






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18th Dec 2017 22:53

Overall, reading your blogs, you had a good year. Just a blip, should improve going forward.

Wear sensible shoes! Remember when it comes men's shoes it is safety before beauty. Leave beauty to experts who are residing in Venus.

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19th Dec 2017 09:28

Your probably write FT but as my Dad would say "Son there are 2 things in life you shouldn't scrimp on, thats shoes and a good bed, as if your not in one your wearing the other"

A great saying but Loakes are not suitable in the ice it has to be said so had to rotate out my brogues for a rubber soled variety.

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By mumpin
to Glennzy
19th Dec 2017 11:57

Buy Loakes with Goodyear soles.
£220-ish but you know you're worth it!
One of my clients tipped me £100 yesterday. He said "Take the wife out for dinner, but I bet the next time I see you you're wearing brand new brogues"

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19th Dec 2017 12:45

A run of bad luck Glenn. I hope your daughter is feeling better and I'd definitely buy a Euromillions ticket over Xmas, because these things have a habit of evening themselves out.

When we have icy weather over here (which is not very often), I have made the mistake of wearing flat soled shoes and not alternating between wellys or trainers. I've definitely learned my lesson!

All the talk of shoes has got me fancying these now:


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to Neophyte
19th Dec 2017 13:43

They are identical to the offending item that I fell over in.

I think Goodyear should maybe stick to tyres as there shoe soles lack the same level of grip.

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to Glennzy
19th Dec 2017 14:10

Ha Ha - oh dear. Snow shoes it is then Glenn!

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