Accountex 2018

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Well my day got of to a bad start, due to an accident I got to the train station for the 8.58 to Kings Cross at 8.58 and for the first time in the history of the East Coast mainline the ****ing train was on time. Literally pulled out of the station as I got there, to cap it off my ticket was not transferable so I ended up on a train 30 minutes later and £100 lighter in the pocket.

Anyway now on route to Accountex 2018. For me I go to Accountex for a number of reasons, too see vendors, to network, grab some CPD, meet with suppliers and account mnagers face to face, but mainly I find the 2 days out of the office with like minded people in similar size businesses to me of great value as I have been flat out really for 6 months without a time out.

My wife seems to think I am off on holiday but you do cram a lot in and its by no means a holiday.

I am on the early train as I am meeting some AWEB lads for lunch. Kent Accountant, Locutus, Chatman, Red Leader, Peter Sexton and Scholesy have a small pratcitioners group where they meet quarterly for lunch to chew the fat over all things accountancy which is a great idea and I imagine the AWEB chaps are unaware that this sort of off site networking goes on. Anyway today I am invited to this exclusive club and looking forward to the catch up.

After that I will head over to the hotel next to the Excel and may attend the pre drinks that have been arranged prior to the main event tomorrow.

I was not sure what this years event would be like. The cloud boys are no longer new and just steadily progressing, MTD is still not really a thing due to further delays in roll out, so maybe this year might be a bit flat.

For me Its all about the apps and add ons now as you need to move beyond just getting your clients on the cloud to get the best from them. I think early apps like Receipt Bank etc had it easier ealry doors but now there are a lot of new apps with greater features and better priced to challenge it all. Anything that is cheaper has got to be a boost as my monthly sofwtare subscriptions are like a small mortgage these days.

The orgainsiers seem to have freshened up  the event with some fresh keynotes and speakers. I must say  I have seen the old school ones so mant times i can real off their pitch as well as they can. I like Amanada C Watts as she as refeshing view on things, and James Ashford always worth a look as quite entertaining and seems to draw a decent crowd.

I feel I could do with something extra on GDPR which I am sure will feature heavily over next few days. I am also looking to spend some time with my main suppliers Xero, Spotlight, Taxcalc, Autoentry & Capitalise as alwasy goof to meet face to face as I am still a bit old school in that respect.

I have got a rough plan togther of who i want to see and when to get as much out of it as possible. Hopefully will catch up the AWEB lads and a few other pals from around the county. I am wanting to grab a coffee with Richard Sargeant if I bump in to him.

The end of the first day sees a few options for after show beers which is always a winner, with recipt bank having a party where i am actually staying and the AWEB do is in Canary Wharf again I imagine. 

Will have to go steady though as still have people to see on the Thursday. (Well as steady as a Geordie with a 48 hour pass can be when let loose in the capital).

Anyone my train is due into Kings Cross soon so I better my red rose on so Kent Accountant will recognise me at the station.

Anyone going to Accountax I will see you there and feel free to stop for a chat.

Have a good one.

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22nd May 2018 14:33

Enjoy your 2 days. As you say, it is not a holiday. No one would go on a holiday with other accountants.

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to FirstTab
29th May 2018 17:35

My wife disagrees! Maybe we are the exception that proves the rule.

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