Community Manager's Corner - Introducing AccountingWEB Mobile Edition

Henry Osadzinski
Community Manager
Sift Media
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If you use a smartphone to view AccountingWEB, you may have already noticed that we’ve made some big changes to the way the site looks on mobile devices. Last month, we quietly rolled out to make viewing and accessing all of the AWEB content easier for mobile users. You’ll still find all of the regular features are present but repackaged in a more attractive and user-friendly UI designed to place everything at your fingertips.

Content is organised into preview lists on the front page to allow you to scroll down through the latest articles, Any Answers posts, discussion topics and blogs. Simply click on any heading to see more articles or go directly to the relevant posting. You can also search for anything on the site from the navigation bar at the top of the page. This bar also provides links to let you create posts, access your private messages and edit your profile settings.

As more and more people are accessing the site from their phones, we here at Sift Media are really interested to hear what you think of this new feature and how you’re getting on with it. Feel free to let us know either in the comments below or in the Feedback discussion group :-)


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07th Feb 2012 22:34

Enjoying it on Nokia Lumia

Just checking in with a Nokia Lumina (as reviewed by Henry). The screen quality is excellent, especially for text. I have also found that the navigation actually works - unlike on the BlackBerry I usually use.

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