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Insight Exchange | FAQ

23rd Apr 2019
Content team, IX | Insight Exchange
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New to Insight Exchange? No sure what you can post and where (and why)? IX Editor Valme Claro is here to put you right.

What's Insight Exchange?

Insight Exchange (or IX for short) is a content marketing platform built around AccountingWEB’s highly-engaged audience of over 100k accountants. Its unrivalled insight into their interests and behaviour ensures that you reach the right people with the right messages at the right time – delivering tangible business results and improved marketing effectiveness.

Insight Exchange helps you grow your business by delivering deeper insight into the needs of potential customers – and then connecting you with them in a trusted environment.

What does that mean in English?

It means you can can sign up with AccountingWEB for an IX account where you get a dedicated company landing page and the ability to post your own content. You can see all the company landing pages plus the recent articles

Just like any platform or blog, you can create your own articles, add rich media like video, tag the content, hyperlink to other articles and push your future customers to your own site… It's your page, make it work!

Sounds good. How do I get one?

Our Sales Director Louise Nicholls would love to hear from you or just get in touch with your dedicated Account Manager who can send you a media pack explaining everything.

I already have an IX page but I need a bit of help getting started…

As part of our onboarding, you should have received a full Handbook that explains how to publish content, best practice, style guides, advice on content that works best for the AccountingWEB audience plus general tips and help.

If you don't have a Handbook, drop your Account Manager a line or email IX Editor Valme Claro who can send you one out. Also, keep our shiny new IX blog bookmarked as we'll be updating it weekly with the latest trends, advice and reports. 

Okay, I'm up and running? What should I write about?

Your Handbook has plenty of examples but remember, the AccountingWEB readers respond best to updates and news which provide genuine advice and helps them do their job better. Rather than making your posts purely promotional, we recommend you focus on how your product or service will benefit our audience.

Remember, people who visit the site are looking for practical advice, opinions and news which resonate with their experiences which helps them do their job better.

Great stuff. And how should I write about it?

Again, your Handbook has plenty of examples. Here are some top tips which should help you craft your content.

  • Why should the reader be interested in your product/news story? Why now?
  • What issue does your product solve?
  • Who is your product aimed at? Think about their daily struggles and what your product can do to make their life easier
  • How can you help them: The accounting world can be lonely for a sole practitioner. By providing advice about the profession, you are not just exchanging knowledge but you are bridging a relationship with a reader

We're cooking now? How do I find out how well my articles are doing?

As part of your Insight Exchange membership, you receive the following:

• A monthly Audience & Performance Report which shows how your articles are performing against the IX average, audience trends plus other useful analytics and data – call your Account Manager on on 0117 9159600 to see a sample. Next month, we'll be upgrading this Report to be a live dashboard so you can see how you’ve done to any date range. We’ll also be sending out a full annual report as well, detailing your performance over the last 12 months plus benchmarking you against Insight Exchange as a whole.

• Every month, we’ll update our IX blog with reports on how content has been performing over the last 30 days plus what you should be writing about in the month ahead - see here for examples of what was popular in April and what you should be writing about in May. Combine this with your monthly Audience & Performance Report for a unique view on how your content has performed plus opportunities on how to improve.

• Every month, we have a live IX webinar with esteemed AccountingWEB head of insight John Stokdyk plus our very own IX editor Valme Claro who will talk through last month's audience results, let you know what’s coming up and take your questions – get involved!

• We’ll send you a monthly newsletter in the first week of every month. From next month, this will have a link to your dashboard (although you can go anytime), the IX blog plus a link to book a place on the webinar.

• And finally, every quarter, we’ll send your the latest Market Report drilling down in the buying behaviour and information needs of the accounting market. Based on data taken from our software survey and the input of our Any Answers community, our Market Reports are indispensable for not only planning your IX content but in your own proposition work.

And how are my articles performing against those on AccountingWEB?

Your Audience & Performance Report will also show you how AccountingWEB is performing – the top articles, trending topics, biggest discussions in Any Answers… All you need to build out your content strategy.

This is great - anything else you can do for me?!

Our quarterly Market Reports are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our insight work. We can organise qual and quant research with our community to whatever segment you’re targeting, including focus groups, 1-2-1s, surveys and live Hangouts. Use our community to shape your proposition all the way from initial idea through to launch – then use your IX platform to market it! Email Sales Director Louise Nicholls now to discuss how we can work together to grow your business.

Tempting. I see you've had a bit of a refresh…

We have (and thanks for noticing). As well as those afore-mentioned new dashboards, newsletters and blogs, we have some lovely new branding plus redesigned Market Reports on the way. Current iX users will also be aware that we’ve just released the ability to tag your content, enabling you to start organising and planning your content better.

What else is coming up?

Loads! First off, a shiny new landing page with the ability to filter by topic and brand. After that, we have a raft of improvements to make to our existing products before launching new ones - get ready for improved distribution of IX content around AccountingWEB, improved newswire promotion, better article formats and then <redacted as it’s still secret>.

Thanks for the advice. Erm, who do I email if I lose my password again?

Call your Account Manager on 0117 9159600 or just email us at [email protected].



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