Who's Afraid of the Cookie Monster?

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“Scaremongering”, “Unnecessary”, “Trivial”

We didn’t expect a round of applause when we started blogging and emailing accountancy firms about the new EU Cookie Law. After all, which practice likes to be told that they need to spend on something which won’t give them any rewards? Particularly when the advice comes from a marketing business!

As expected some have already complied, some are taking action and some are still adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach (although it’s not quite clear what exactly they are waiting for!).

However, beyond this, there were a number of surprising responses: we were ‘scaremongering’, the law was ‘unnecessary’ and the cookie legislation ‘trivial’.

Hold on a minute… Did we hear that right? Law = trivial?

From the keyboards of an accountant who work for a firm which, we assume, helps clients comply with ‘trivial’ legal requirements like tax returns and audits? Who probably also gives financial compliance advice to clients.

So, is it that some laws more important than others? Should we ‘part comply’ when it comes to our accounts too? The EU ePrivacy Directive is both passed and enforceable legislation, not advice or hearsay.

Let’s Look at the Evidence

We have already covered the case for cookies in detail in a previous blog post, and on our cookie compliance page on our website, so enough about us. What about others?

Here is just a quick name check of sites we’ve visited in the last few days who have complied with the new legislation: BBC (all sites), Amazon, Autotrader, BT, eBay, The Telegraph… in fact, we have not found any ‘large’ website which hasn’t complied.

Perhaps they are all concerned they will be made an example of? But surely, with the legal support they have access to, then one or more would have been willing to challenge it? If they thought they had a defendable case.

Is it Really Worth the Risk?

Even if there may be some kind of means of escaping compliance or even punishment if caught, there is a separate issue: is it really worth it?

For the sake of what amounts to a small cost, surely it is worth just getting it done. It’s unlikely that there will be any substantial change to this legislation for the foreseeable future, so if, as is likely, all sites are going to have this done then why not now?

It seems that many are not afraid of the cookie monster, but let us reassure you, the cookie monster is real, not optional and here to stay.

The deadline passed on the 26th May: so your website is either compliant or not.

If you want peace of mind, then please email [email protected] or fill out our form.

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By Old Greying Accountant
26th Jun 2012 20:59

Interesting list ...

... all companies that rely on harvesting data to promote their ventures, and exactly the type of businesses the legislation is aimed at! Again, the Cookie Monster has stated himself, the best he will do is give you a good gumming.

What worries me more than websites harvesting data is free loaders pretending to blog to get free advertising and promotion for their firm, not realising most on here are bright enough to see this and that they are actually doing more harm to themselves than good.

If you want to advertise on AW, pay them!

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28th Jun 2012 13:04

Perhaps we should talk?

Thanks for your comments here and on the earlier blog piece on this matter Old Greying Accountant...  Perhaps we should speak by phone and understand each other better?  My number is 07879 654191 or you can let me know a good number to reach you on.

As a business we provide a vast amount of highly valuable information into the market place for free, and to help firms grow.  We have been doing so for nearly 30 years now, and in the last 12 months alone have had 10k+ download our reports and 25k+ each month receive our bulletins.

Much of this information has been instrumental in the retention of clients, the winning of quality new ones and the improvement of a firms marketing (on and offline) - without the need to directly engage Insight.  We believe in 'giving back' to the market place.

All this piece is intended to do is give genuine advice and information in an arena where there is still a lot of confusion and for those who don't have an easy solution to this and struggle to find one; then provide an option.  

Best wishes to you,


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