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HMRC's site is down again!

11th Oct 2017
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Client wants a mortgage so I dutifully submit return (in advance of others who have been waiting longer - but that is another story), wait a day and then try to get to the 'Your annual summary' part of the clients page.

Am met with 'Sorry there was a technical problem. We couldn't retrieve your client's summary. Please try again'. So I did = same.

Waited... tried again = same.

Speaking to a cyber security bloke I met at a networking event last Friday I told him what had happened on 30 Sept and the grief I had had trying to submit a clients EU sales claim which had to be in that day (see my last blog). He said he would investigate but he confirmed our fears that there must have been some kind of 'attack'. 

Nothing in any press. Asked husband who works for BBC how this could be and was told that unless HMRC issue a press release or someone was actually working on such a story it wouldnt have been picked up.

I'll reitterate my comments as per my previous blog. ... this is something that someone from the professions should surely take up.

Twice in as many weeks.

I suppose a more generous person than me could say that it is good that these things are happening now rather than post 6 April 2019 so they could be sorted before the deluge of submissions?

Meanwhile this is holding up my clients move.

Update>>> still not possible to get clients Tax Summary and thats not just one client but all I've tried



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By SteveHa
11th Oct 2017 14:46

Jennifer, are you the newly appointed HMRC online services police?

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By Tornado
11th Oct 2017 15:35

Actually I did submit a question to the BBC last week through their 'Is there anything you would like us to look into' offer on their website in which I pointed out that the HMRC site had been down for a long time and is it right that the Government should be pushing ahead to digitise Government services when there is a clear risk to security, or words to that effect.

I don't expect anything to come of this, but you never know.

It is all getting beyond a joke now as Government services slowly disintegrate as we watch.

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