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Wellness, bookkeeping and the recipe for success

12th Aug 2019
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Turning a negative into a positive

Before I set up That’s Ideal, I trained in reiki and achieved the level of Reiki Master. From hiring a small room and selling a few crystals, it grew into having a market stall and eventually two shops and my own therapy centre.

The whole thing came about due to my mum’s illness – she had cancer and was finding peace and rest through reiki. I was drawn in so much that within two months I was on a two-year diploma to study it myself. Initially I thought I’d be able to heal my mum, but as my journey progressed I learned that each one of us has our own life agenda. This wasn’t something I could control.

As part of the training we worked on the psychology side of things, as well as hands-on healing techniques. This is where I learned to consider how people think and react to situations they face.

Digging deep and finding a balance

I’m a positive person and I’ve established a way to work with clients to get them to change their thought patterns. You need to gain their trust and dig deep to find the root cause of their problems.

I have a genuine desire for everyone to succeed in their chosen field. If I can help in some way to make their journey easier then I will. I’m quite a chatty person, so as I’m getting to know clients I’ll often ask a lot of questions to find out about the real them.

It’s not about getting them to sign up for our services at the highest price, it’s about assessing what they really need. When they realise that I actually care it seems to open up a whole new level of trust. Let’s face it, there’s a huge level of trust involved anyway because we’re managing their money, but gaining their trust on a personal level is a step further up.

Changing a mindset

Some clients only know the old ways and technology is moving too fast for them, so need to be able to talk at their level. They need to be reassured that automation is safe and that their documents are safe. Not everyone thinks about all of this for their clients but I try to look at it from their point of view.

I suppose it’s all about just being human and not hiding behind a machine, which is what’s happening a lot in our technological world. The banks are a great example – we don’t have many branches left. People used to go and talk to their local branch, but now that’s gone. You have an app and online banking and nobody to talk to. So keeping the ‘human’ connection with technology in bookkeeping is very important.

Finding success

I see the whole of life as a holistic journey. We’re learning every day and we orchestrate our own development.

If we believe in ourselves then there’s usually no barriers to what we can achieve. Everyone faces hurdles every now and again, but they’re just lessons to help us overcome our fears.

This is where we need the affirmations to remove the negativity that holds us back. Then we can get over the hurdle and onto the next level of our journey.

If you ask me, there’s a bit of a magic formula to success, a recipe if you like: you have to mix equal parts of head and heart, a certain amount of desire and an equal amount of self belief.

If you are interested to know more about the connection between wellness and bookkeeping, please join me and Jessica Pillow for a Q&A in the webinar ‘5 Ways to Bring Self-Care to Accounting (And Why It Matters)’.

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