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Response to MPs Loan Charge review

11th Jan 2019
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I was going to write this as a comment under the article but then thought it would be better (as in more detail) under a blog.

>>>Can I just explain something to those who think this is 'fair do's' - nana for example. I have a client who was caught up in this through no fault of her own. She was told she had to set up a limited company to work with the company and was surprised when she received her first pay. The words 'loan' were there as was the address of a firm she had never heard of.... the payer. It was an address based in China.

She worked there for a few months and was not happy. She came to me very upset having read the commentary in the papers.

English is not her first language. She received a letter from the investigation dept who said they were not investigating her but the company she had worked for.

I must say that HMRC dept have been very helpful (when you can get them on the phone). I wrote as I was requested to do explaining the situation, and completed the 'offer' form. That was in July. Having heard nothing for a couple of months I rang again. When I eventually spoke to someone they said that I'd have to complete another form as the one I submitted was no longer used.

I was also told that there was a very long back log and if my offer was not dealt with by 6 April then the penalty system would automatically kick in. Again the form was a postal one not online so I completed, sent a covering letter and waited ... that was in Sept. When I rang yet again to chase I was told that there were only 7 members of staff dealing with such investigations and no acknowledgement was being issued.

My client wants to pay and has saved the money to do so. However, she can't - there is no reference number.

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