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A person under bed covers | AccountingWEB | A FAB start to the New Year

A FAB start to the new year


The new year is traditionally a time to refocus on what matters and assess how we can improve across all areas of life. Joanne Birtwistle shares her one resolution for 2024. 

4th Jan 2024
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I’m keeping my resolutions simple this year. I just have one: go to bed early. The aim is to have my head on the pillow by 9.30pm regularly. That’s it.

Easy, right? Well, after spending too many nights over the Christmas break watching films and “just one more episode”, because I can… it’s been quite tricky. 

I’ve been in bed. But asleep? The first night it took me until 2am, then 1am and last night I think it was just after 11pm. Tonight? I’m sure the thrill of my sleep diary is all too much but I’ll let you know.

When I do eventually train myself into this one, simple but fundamental positive habit, a whole host of additional knock-on benefits will surely follow. More energy, quiet and productive time for myself in the morning, no possibility of late-night snacking… All I have to do is be in bed by 9.30am and those other goals will also become easier to achieve.

Of course, many of you are in the throes of self assessment season right now and you may have a few late nights ahead. But once you’ve put this season to bed – and your new work year can start on 1 February – what will you change to improve your quality of life at work? What promises have you made to yourself this year?

From a work perspective, I’m trying to put the types of work I do into buckets - and matching the work I do on a given day or time of day to my mood. I appreciate that this sounds like I’ll be doing what I like when I feel like it, but the ultimate aim is to be more productive.

I know I’m better able to focus as the day and week wear on (although maybe that will change with my early bedtime) so I’m trialling shifting my deep or creative work to afternoons, with admin tasks, actions and follow-ups early in the week and in the morning. If anyone has any tips on how to not constantly check your emails and messages, while remaining responsive, do share!

Make 2024 your year

Why does this stuff matter? Because most of us want to feel like we are making the most of the resource that is our time and that we are using our time to make a difference.

Others I’ve spoken to have said they are being more deliberate about how they choose to spend time away from their office or desk – more discerning about the events they attend. If they are spending time away from the office they want to be sure it will bring tangible benefits to their business or their personal development.

Enter the Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping (FAB), powered by AccountingWEB! I can tell you that FAB will be all killer no filler. I am biased because my team and our extensive network of accounting and bookkeeping experts are helping with the content programme to ensure it’s different from the norm, but exactly what you need. 

Earlybird tickets have gone but you can still book your free ticket in plenty of time. It’s at the NEC in Birmingham on 13–14 March – the perfect time for you to plan for the new tax year and feel inspired to grow and change in the year ahead.

It’s also a week after the Budget on 6 March, so again, the perfect time to get up to speed with all of the changes that the Chancellor announces and to hear what this means for you and your clients directly from our experts.

What are your new year resolutions? Do you split the personal and professional or are they all one and the same? Please do share below – it could be that the simplest change could have a huge impact, for you and others you share it with.

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paddle steamer
04th Jan 2024 17:27

And there I was thinking it was an article about Thunderbirds.

(Apparently my wife once owned one of these)

Thanks (3)