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New year, fresh look news in your inbox | accountingweb

New year, fresh-look news in your inbox


Our news emails are getting a new look, so expect more content and a fresher appearance very soon in your inbox.

6th Jan 2023
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Happy New Year to you! While 2022 was a year of upheaval and economic uncertainty, there are some things you can be sure of – much like the deferral of MTD ITSA – and that’s that all things pass eventually. 

Another thing you can rely on is our annual review of the year as told through the pithy comments of our contributors and our community – so enjoy!

But 2023 does bring some change here at AccountingWEB Towers. We are overhauling the regular news emails that you receive in your inbox. It has been in planning for a little while and we hope you will see change for the better. We’ve gone for a cleaner, more streamlined design that gives uniformity across all email digest titles.

Importantly, all of our editorial content and news will now be grouped at the top – with other contributor content and Any Answers posts collected together and clearly signposted so that it is easier to see what’s what and find what you are interested in.

Be in the know

Depending on where your interests lie, you may currently be signed up to just one email that you receive weekly or indeed all of them, receiving one a day.

To remind you – and as a nudge to sign up to any that would be of interest but you aren’t currently receiving – our weekly news emails run as follows (you can click on the title to sign up).

Monday: Tax

Keep up to date with the most recent legislative changes, tax cases and expert analysis.

Tuesday: Practice Management

Follow the trends, innovations, and opinions affecting the accounting practice landscape.

Wednesday: Pick of the Week

Our Wednesday bulletin brings you a bit of everything, including the latest technical updates, news and insight from the world of accountancy. Whether it’s FRS, IR35 or Making Tax Digital, AccountingWEB’s weekly email has the details covered.

Thursday: Business

Designed to keep busy finance teams up to date with the latest tax, technology and business news.

Thursday: Accounting Technology

Keep up to date with the fast-moving world of accounting technology with expert analysis, the latest software news and insights from the people who matter the most – the users.

Friday: Insider

We take a look at some of the alternative stories making the news in accountancy and also include the best of the week’s blogs, columns and posts from our community of accountants.

Ad hoc breaking news

The biggest stories for the industry, straight to your inbox, as they happen.

One addition to the regular news lineup, which is worth a special mention, is our new Practice Excellence email. This publishes twice a month, with content that is relevant to an international audience. Curated by John Stokdyk, it presents the latest thinking in accountancy alongside practical advice from leading contributors on both sides of the Atlantic – and beyond.

Coming soon

The new look emails will be rolled out to subscribers from next Friday and we will be testing their performance for two weeks after that. You may continue to receive the old design for a period of time while we do this, or you may get the new look email starting next week. We may jig a few elements around in the new template just for a week or two as part of the testing process.

While we will largely be guided by the performance data, and I’d urge you to wait until the first redesigned email lands, your feedback is of course welcome in the comments. 

I hope you will agree that the changes mark a positive start to 2023 for AccountingWEB. 

Here’s a sneak peak…


full newswire


Replies (2)

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By Hugo Fair
06th Jan 2023 13:25

Thanks for the preview.
I read on a PC, not a mobile, which may be relevant in that personally I doubt I'd have the patience to keep swiping that much on a phone (so your 'sponsor' sections - Industry Insights and Resources - at the bottom of the list wouldn't get a look in).

Also, it may be a generational thing, but IF I was to try accessing the email on a phone ... I'd be fairly annoyed at the amount of screen space consumed by photos - rather than the text which actually tells me whether I want to read more.

Anyway, good luck ... even if I don't suppose a 'fresh lick of paint' will either noticeably attract or repulse interest from people already sufficiently interested to subscribe. [I am a cynic after all!]

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By Benjaminrichardson
23rd Jan 2023 09:51

One way to achieve this could be to subscribe to news sources that align with your interests, so that the content you receive is more relevant and enjoyable to read. You could also consider setting up a schedule for checking your news updates, so that you're not constantly being inundated with information and can give yourself some time to process it.

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