Flashback: The morning after

John Stokdyk
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Our next instalment from the original FD's Diary dating back to 2003 catches up with events after the notorious office party...

December 15 – Ops was right. I had to be at the party.

So let’s be fair about things. My mob, for all that I moaned about them, looked fantastic. To be honest, I saw them in a new light.

And that was the problem. So did the CEO. Ops had thought trouble was brewing. And he was right. The CEO had, as it turned out, a desire to have more than his eye on #4. And he should have recalled that if you’re planning this and it’s a “no partner” party, but your wife is a shareholder and director, then she’s there too.

But heavens, he got drunk. And so did #4, which he sought to exploit. And Ops was right to suggest that he and I should stay sober. Because when it was obvious that the attention had started she needed rescuing fast, and so did he. I’m not sure who saw him begin his less than subtle approach first – but whatever #4’s dress was made of it wasn’t up to what the CEO claimed was “an accident as he tripped whilst asking her dance” – and which clearly to all and sundry was something less subtle than that.

Ops collected the CEO – or rather bundled the CEO away from #4 and Tree Ferns (God bless her) gathered #4 and what was left of her dignity towards a loo and on to a hastily arranged hotel room (signed for by me under emergency budget powers) and out of the way of trouble.

To our relief Mrs CEO did not see the immediate incident, but since half the company did – and #4’s departure – it’s only time before this blows up.

Me, a saddo, as accused recently? No, I’d just rather cancel Christmas and all that goes with it, that’s all.

* * *

December 15 – part 2. We were scheduled to have a board meeting today. And we haven’t had one. Because Mrs CEO has not turned up. And the CEO has only been in for a short period, looking very sheepish.

Which, unfortunately cannot be said of #4. She’s treating me like the hero who saved her from the lion’s den. I fear this is not healthy. In fact I know it’s not healthy. I’ve pointed out that Tree Ferns saved her from her predicament – the precise nature of which #4 has no precise recall, which might be to our advantage – but to no avail. The last thing I want is a member of staff who treats me like her hero, or worse.

Heaven help me if the CEO finds out, for a start.


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By The CEO
15th Dec 2011 17:32

Deeply embarressing

Heavens - recalling this is a nightmare

There aren't many survivors either

I wonder where #4 is now?


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