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After Christmas party
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Christmas hangover for accountants

Holiday cheer from AccountingWEB

15th Dec 2016
Editor in Chief AccountingWEB
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AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk attempts to lighten the mood ahead of the annual festivities. Will he succeed?

Like many businesses at this time of year, thoughts at AccountingWEB are turning to the excitements of the Christmas party, gift-shopping and winding down ahead of the annual holiday hiatus.

Many accountants, however, will be hearing the clanking chains of self assessment that will shackle them to their desks over the next six weeks.

Just remember that as far as self assessment season goes, this is going to be as good as it gets. Before the promised "death of the tax return" can happen, advisers are going to have to migrate legions of their clients onto digital bookkeeping systems.

By December 2018, they'll have to support unincorporated business clients on one tax system (MTD) while compiling self assessment returns for VAT-registered business clients. The following years will be worse, because the second- and third-wave MTD adopters (VAT registered companies and corporation tax payers) will be updating digitally, but individual directors will still need SA returns for the previous tax year.

And this blog post was supposed to cheer you up.

Just as Paula Tallon told us in the recent Sage Self Assessment Summit, the AccountingWEB crew will be at our stations between Christmas and New Year and will be "there with you in spirit".

We will conclude our Christmas programme with two email bulletins: a "pick of the year" edition on Wednesday 21 December packed with all sorts of celebratory goodies, including a new Christmas quiz. We'll be back on the 30th with a wider-ranging review of the year and seasonal regulars like our quotes of the year.

Aside from providing a platform where you can pick up practical advice from our TaxCalc-sponsored self assessment coverage and share tips with peers in Any Answers, on of our aims at this time of year is to bring a bit of light relief to our members.

We are guided here by the words of Rebecca Benneyworth, who told us: "Keep smiling and try and see the lighter side of life occasionally, because it's a tough old period."

Best wishes too from all of us at AccountingWEB, however you plan to spend the next few weeks.

Stay organised this tax season by downloading this guide from TaxCalc.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
20th Dec 2016 17:20

John, is that you at your desk...?

Crikey, no wonder nothing gets done around here...;o)

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
21st Dec 2016 10:50

I used to like a good Xmas party at the firm I trained at and worked for 10 years. It was the only time all 4 offices came together and the Durham office used to have some cracking birds working there. Happy Days as was a single man in those days.

I was at the Xmas breakfast meeting of my networking group this morning.

A guy who is an HR consultant stood up and said he was dealing with 2 incidents of Xmas party fall out.

1. Where a member of staff had got tanked up and knocked his boss out, so will be starting off 2017 in employment.

2. The second where a disagreement at a party had resulted in a member of staff sending a drunk text message to line manager calling him a c*** no less than 19 times in it.

I am assuming John knocked up some tasty snacks with his organic sourdough at the AWEB party, which will have fired things up a tad.

Cannot beat an old school dust up at Xmas party.

On that note I would like to wish the lads at AWEB and its members Best Wishes for the holiday period.

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