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Who is AccountingWEB's top blogger of 2012?

7th Dec 2012
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AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk sets the scene for one of the most intriguing categories in the 2012 AccountingWEB Community Awards.

When we revamped AccountingWEB last year, one of the things we tried to do was to encourage more contributions to our community blogs. We made the page more promient on the site and put more effort into highlighting some of the more entertaining and useful contributors in our Featured bloggers listing.

We've been really pleased with the results. Since the beginning of the year, our blogs have attracted more than half a million reads and there are several contenders jostling to join the 16 featured blogs - we may have to keep on expanding the list if yet more bloggers come forward.

While our various topic pages cover the serious and factual side of accountancy, and technical and other issues are debated energetically in the Any Answers pages, our blog home page has become a great place to come for a more sideways look at what's happening in the profession. During the past year, old favourites such as Simon Sweetman, the CEO's Diary and the Practitioner's Diary have been joined by some entertaining newcomers, including:

An accountant in business - written by Flying Scotsman, who is full of pungent and witty opinions

The Philip Fisher column - the urbane employment tax specialist pontificates on everything from tax to theatre and nice speakers

A Mum and an Accountant - the challenges of juggling a baby and a career make compelling reading. We wish her all the best in the weeks ahead.

Sole Practitioner's blog - the business and personal issues as seen by one solo operator.
We could choose our top blogger on the basis of traffic alone, but that would be a bit boring. Instead, we'd like to hear from other members which blogs they enjoy most and why. If you agree with someone else's nomination, you can just click "Thanks" to add your vote. We'll also take into account the number of comments each blog has attracted during the year and will devise a weighted matrix of these factors to decide the ultimate winner.
The results for all our 2012 community awards will be announced in the final Insider bulletin before Christmas. And whoever wins, we'd like to thank all of our bloggers for their stimulating contributions throughout the year. As our FD likes to say, "You're all winners!"

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Replies (5)

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By George Attazder
07th Dec 2012 17:55

Can I just say...

... that I think that it's entirely inappropriate to juggle babies!

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By FirstTab
07th Dec 2012 22:52

Practitioner's Diary

My nomination is for Practitioner's Diary. I love to read the day to day issues faced by him. They have been just just been two blog postings that just did not appeal to me. These were on spelling. They received a high number of comments, that means it was just me.   

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By ShirleyM
08th Dec 2012 11:57

Another tough one

I like 'Sole Practitioner's Blog', and 'A Mum and an Accountant', because they are real life stories telling us about the pain and joy that life throws at us from time to time.

After much thought I decided to vote for 'An Accountant in Business' because it raises some controversial subjects and gets me thinking about issues that affect us all.

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David Winch
By David Winch
08th Dec 2012 21:20

There are three blogs that particularly appeal to me. They are Sole practitioner's blog (so painfully honest), Practitioner's Diary (the highs and lows of being involved in a medium sized accountancy practice) and CEO's Diary (combining both work and personal insights).

If I can only pick one that's very difficult, but my choice would be CEO's Diary.


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By wilcoskip
10th Dec 2012 08:26

For simple, brutal, relatable honesty...

above and beyond the call of duty, my vote goes for FirstTab's Sole Practitioner's Blog.  Long may he practice.



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