My first Quarter End as a director!

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So……..I've finally managed to write my first blog post for AWeb.....something I've been meaning to do for about 6 years now, since I was introduced to them by a certain Mr Ben Smith!

As we approach the end of July I wanted to use my first post to reflect on my first quarter end as director of a 2 office firm in South Wales.

I'm very lucky to have worked for the same firm for about 15 years, starting with work experience whilst in school, and continuing with my ACA and CTA studies in more recent years. The promotion was always on the cards from my point of view, and was one of the reasons why I opted to work for a smaller firm, even if my employer did make me go for other interviews after university, just in case!

After a long 4 months the firm and directors are still standing, which I count as a success! Just to fill you in - I'm not making this journey alone, 2 of my other "home grown" colleagues have been promoted with me, so we’re making this scary yet exciting journey together.

We also haven't been left in the dark, as our previous employer has remained in the background to help ease the transition. Although enjoying a bit more free time she's still in the office a few days a week, and always at the end of the phone or an email.

After a brilliant first month, which we now think was a bit of a fluke, we're coming to realise just how tough running a business is, with so many different hats needing to be worn! From the dreaded GDPR, right through to more day to day things like staffing issues, IT problems and even repairs and maintenance issues! There’s always something to keep us on our toes, but we've managed to keep going and are looking forward to our second quarter.

One aspect that none of us had ever had to think about before was marketing the practice. We've been lucky to gain a lot of clients via word of mouth over the years , but we're not naive enough to think that this is sustainable for the 3 of us long term.

I’ve taken this role upon myself, and have started using social media to try and gain a bit of an online presence. It will be slow going, and I'm not expecting miracles overnight, but hopefully people will enjoy the blog posts on our websites and the links and discussions promoted on our social media outlets. We're even hoping to run our first event in the autumn, which I'm looking forward to whilst also dreading at the same time, as I haven’t done any public speaking since I was a kid!

I have found that social media can become very addictive though, and distracting if you have all the various platforms open on internet pages. So that I can actually get some chargeable work done in the day, I've had to start scheduling time to research and work on my blog posts, and allocate specific times of the day to post tweets and explore what's going on various platforms.

I've had to adjust my work life balance to make this happen alongside managing the business, with this current blog post being written during my lunch hour. But my work life balance is for another blog post!!


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David Winch
By David Winch
27th Jul 2018 10:56

Congratulations & good luck! I look forward to reading more ....

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Replying to davidwinch:
Katie Bladen
By kacowg
27th Jul 2018 12:39

Thanks David - always difficult taking the plunge with the first post, but the next one should be less nerve wracking!

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By FirstTab
27th Jul 2018 17:40

Good to see new blood in the blogs section.

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Replying to FirstTab:
Katie Bladen
By kacowg
27th Jul 2018 18:26

Thank you ☺

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